The Twins: On the Move

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We can technically call this an un-official 6 month post. The twins are on the move!


Our little ladies have developed so much in the past month. The picture above was yesterday, moments before AVA started to wrestle Isla (after Isla stole LaLa) and then Isla army crawled away and got stuck under a chair. I call out that it was Ava because she has been so gentle and loving, like a dog to its child-master, allowing Isla to climb on her, kick her, and steal her paci. Yesterday? She had enough.

If you remember, Ava rolled over early, 2.5 months. Isla wasn’t long after. That’s been Ava’s usual move to get where she wants; however, Isla is belly scooting / army crawling all over the place. She’s even testing the up on all fours stance. Mama isn’t ready for all this!

Something you can’t see but can hear is that Ava is becoming more vocal and that Isla is talking! Isla’s first word was Mom and she said it last Saturday (6 months and 1 day) with meaning because I wasn’t paying attention to her scooting. Greg and Dana can vouch. On Sunday she then told Grammie who I was and it’s been “Mom! MOM! MOMMMMMM!”. She’s also said hi and a few sounds like Isla and bye Ava. While every mom wishes their baby would say mom first, dad is often first….sorry, Greg. You’ve got 50% so far, let’s bet on Ava?!? My guess is Ava will talk soon as well…she’s trying non-verbal (like shaking her head at Greg when my milk ran out after she fed late last night) and getting antzy.

Both babies are teething. Ava has a top tooth coming in (new as of this morning) and Isla has a top and very sharp bottom. Ouch.

Other stats will be checked at the end of the month, but they clearly are still on their own chart.


Happy 6 months, girls!

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