The Hats We Wear

‚ÄčOur church put on an adorable tea party for the ladies and girls of the church. Arianna and I attended, wearing our hats. Afterwards, I headed out for some quick girl time with my cousin before Greg had guy time. The busyness of the day made me grateful for the hats we wear. 

The morning started off with a small bang, the bang of a child at our door at all too early o’clock. Arianna lost her fifth tooth, a bottom left. She had to show us and alert us her mouth was bleeding. Sleeping in is a thing of the past as a parent, but that’s one of the hats we wear.

Soon after, Evan came in while Greg and I were trying to fall back to sleep. He needed good breakfast, but settled for a pop tart because neither of us moved (and it was still crazy early for our first non soccer Saturday). Being a chef is one of the hats we wear.

Clearly, it was time to wake up and face the day. As I showered, Greg got the girls their breakfast and set up the man loft for a day of football. He got Arianna’s hair brushed. Beautician is one of the hats we wear.

Arianna and I headed to the tea, late as we do. We had a very nice time and got to know the ladies at our table better. I told a few the story of our hats – they were my Grandma’s – and I remembered her and my Great Grandma as both would have loved the event with the church, the hats, and the China. Remembering is a hat we wear.

After the tea, I got some girl time. It involved prep for a trip coming up this week which meant trying on gala worthy dresses. It was good to be with my cousin, even if shorter than we would have liked. Being family is another hat we wear.

I was left to shop for family stuff – exchanging too big snow boots and too small jeans, getting gas, banking, and dog food. Caring for the family is another hat we wear.

Trying to rush home to let Greg free, I got all.too upset about the time I took. Being a caring wife who tries to do too much is a hat I wear.

Finally, I ended the evening playing with the kids in the living room. I watched a dance show and tried to take big kid toys off Isla. Ava showed me how to clean up with the 20 or so baby wipes she had pulled from the package when I wasn’t looking. We laughed and hugged lots before bedtime. Being the mama bear is another hat I wear.

The hats I wear are always changing and aren’t the same as the hats Greg wears or you wear. They’re all fancy and beautiful and important, though. For these hats we wear, I am thankful. 

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