The Day I Almost Stopped Blogging

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Yesterday was the day I almost stopped blogging. I hate to admit that it’s happened, but it did. And maybe now it’s time to talk about it.

Last night was a bad night. Admittedly, I’ve been exhausted the past few weeks and have been hiding a few health issues that I think have attributed to the combination of month end reports and BlogHer “hangover”. It lead to me stacking up my mail for about two weeks and forgetting that it’s August. (Which means our AAA and car registrations expired, as well as several coupons I had for free items.)

This escalated into a conversation that Greg and I often have–is the Stay At Home Dad / Working Mom balance working? He brought up a good point–maybe the blog has been taking up too much of my time. Twice, I put my “blogging to do” basket to the trash. Twice, Greg put them back. I figured if I just set it all aside, it would be admitting that I have to learn to balance better. I even tried to delete the WordPress app from Greg’s iPad, but he didn’t realize that deleting that would only delete the app, not the blog.

My emotions were high, and I just needed to level set and come back to reality. His words hurt and made me think about the balance. I have to go back to why I started blogging–to chronicle our lives and get my feelings out. (Does anyone else have the issue of holding everything inside?) In the time since our argument, Greg brought up a good point, blogging for the reasons I love are worth it. Blogging for sponsored posts that help our finances and support things I believe in are worth it. Blogging 24/7 is not worth it.

But it went beyond that. You see, I hadn’t actually blogged in days. I spent some time over the weekend working on some scheduled posts and pulled some “oldie but goody” ones out of my pocket. Following a phone upgrade, I haven’t read other blogs for days (sorry, BlackBerry and Feedly don’t get along). I hadn’t actually blogged, but there we were, fighting about blogging’s impact on our lives (like me forgetting to pay those “bills”), and I hadn’t blogged. It was more than that. It was my ability to be present and balance it all, which includes ask the SAHD for HELP, something really hard for me to do. I tend to micromanage, and that never ends well.

After a good sleep and some sweet texts in the morning, we both came out of the fog. I started my day with yoga and am going to continue to find balance. Before settling into the couch to write this after supper, I asked him if it was okay that I did so. (He was fine–watching baseball and then kids were playing contently in the toy room, for once.)

Communication is going to be key, as it is in any relationship, including bloggers and readers. I hope my words either inspire you or connect you to my family. There are enough people reading this blog that I know some of you like my stuff, so I’ll keep blogging. But not just for you. For me. To be open and honest, to help me pursue some of my dreams. But I’m going to do it with a balance, and learn that I don’t have to do it all.

DSCN7084 (Copy)
So glad my Mister keeps me centered!

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