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For those of you who may not know, one of my young cousins was missing yesterday. She returned home safely after about 28 hours, but we continue to pray for her and the family. This morning I woke with words spewing on a Facebook status and decided to share with you here instead.

What a blessing to wake up (shhhh I slept in for once) knowing my family has so much love and support holding us together. We used social media together for a good thing. Let’s keep that alive and continue to pray for each other every day and not just on the good or bad ones. Have to thank everyone who was so supportive of us yesterday from retweets, shares, texts, emails, calls, kind words, understanding my absent mind, Qdoba comfort food, answering legal questions, making work wins possible, or offering a smile. My support system truly is awesome.

Happy photo of Evan to make us smile? Yes, please!!!


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