Technical Difficulties

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When Greg first started talking marriage, his mom started talking t’s and d’s. Tests and Difficulties. She hoped to prepare us for the bumps in the road of life, to help us think about how we would work as a team to get through them. Well, this past week has been full of technical difficulties that sure benefited from our early on talks about handling the tough stuff together.

You see…in a matter of five days…Evan, Greg, and I have all been to the hospital. It’s been a scary week, but we got through it, together.

I’ve already told you Evan’s story. Greg’s is his own to tell, but we are also still waiting some repeat blood work to confirm the good news from his tests. And then, there’s me.

As you know…I’m breastfeeding the twins. For the last six weeks or so, I’ve been having issues with a clogged duct. It is painful. It is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. And of course, it’s always worst at night or on weekends, so I often forget to get it checked out. Said duct has actually been a few random ones; however, there’s been one sticking around and making me hurt. Making me cry.

After waiting for it to do its thing, I decided enough was enough and got an appointment with my obgyn. After checking it out, she sent me to imaging at the local hospital to get more info. But not like “go in the next week” sent. Like, go now sent. And with a number of things what I was feeling could be. One of those being the big C. Just to be aware, precautions.

It didn’t help my worry when I slipped into a pink robe and was ushered into a room with this machine.


Suddenly, I felt so very alone and so very scared. And I hated all technology but loved it at the same time.

With a sigh of relief, the nurse who was accompanying me around announced the first step was an ultrasound, that mammograms weren’t typical protocol for someone my age without greater concern.

And after the ultrasound, a bigger sigh of relief. A clogged duct it is. No draining, no mammogram pinch. Just letting it work its course.

Now, I know things could have gone a lot worse, but the whole thing felt like a good warning. Keep caring for myself…so I can care for my family. And live. Truly live.

Even if there are a few random technical difficulties along the way.

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