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Today’s Tech Tuesday post is about an app our kids have quickly fallen in love with, Speakaboos! A few weeks ago, I shared my love of it on Life With Levi and thought you’d all enjoy reading about it here, too.

Disclaimer: The following post includes a review of a product that I received in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Although my kids are not going to Kindergarten this year, it’s never too early to get ready. (August is National Kindergarten Readiness Month, by the way.) Our family is getting ready by integrating as many learning opportunities into the day as we can. Speakaboos has been our nighttime go-to for the past few weeks.


The Speakaboos application works on most digital devices (I say most because I couldn’t download the app to my Blackberry) and is full of interactive stories, songs, and videos. With multiple reading modes, my kids can read the stories (once they learn) or have them read to them. This is what we’ve been doing for bedtime. (Mom and Dad are taking it easy, shh.)

When you purchase a subscription to Speakaboos, your children will have access to over 150 stories sorted by themes. Our kids love the Animals and Princess themes best, so far.

Source: Speakaboos

The pages actually flip like a book, which is pretty fun. (Sound included.) Once a theme is selected, there are many choices within the theme. By the way, the ones shown above are not all the themes, just a selection. Classic stories as well as some new ones are included, too.

My kids have been captivated by the songs, too. Every night has ended with a rousing round of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.

If you want to check them out before you buy, you can get a free trial in the app that allows you to read three stories:

The Speakaboos app is free to download in the App Store and comes with three free stories that users can keep forever.  Families can subscribe for as little as $4.99 per month or annually for $49.99 giving them access anywhere, anytime and on any device to the full Speakaboos library.  Android and iPhone applications will be released in upcoming months.

Just make sure your kid understands that in the free trial if you click a story or song you didn’t mean to, it’s “too bad, so sad”. Arianna learned this the hard way as she selected a short song none of us knew. Drama ensued. 

For our family, we look forward to plugging the app onto the devices our kids use for traveling and popping in some headphones for a peaceful roadtrip. With the subscription, they’ll have unlimited access and we won’t have to worry about them making an in-app purchase or crying because they don’t have a certain story. Yes, this happens. Once you have a login/subscription, you can use it on any of your devices which is a good thing for families with kids who don’t agree.

My kids love begging for the iPad so they can get their Speakaboos fix in, day and night. Yours will most likely agree. (By the way, as I am writing this, Evan jumped on my lap, saw the screenshot and begged for the iPad. He and Arianna are listening over and over to a story in Spanish. You never know what they might pick up from this!)


Update since posting on Life With Levi: The kids love picking out one, two, or three stories before bed followed by one or two songs. As of late, one song must be “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (wonder why? ::wink::). I’ve re-learned songs and stories I totally forgot about, like “Six Little Ducks” and “Beauty and the Beast”. Thanks to Speakaboos, my kids have an app that fills the gap that this busy mom’s brain has neglected. Thank you, Speakaboos!

And now for the official info on Speakaboos:

Speakaboos is an award-winning subscription service that delivers educational, entertaining, interactive picture books to children 2 – 6 years old. Speakaboos features one of the largest catalogs of children’s interactive picture books developed in partnership with leading publishers such as The Jim Henson Company, ABRAMS, DK, Orca and Charlesbridge. Speakaboos is enjoyed on computers, tablets, and mobile devices and is used by thousands of students in hundreds of homes, classrooms and libraries worldwide. Speakaboos educational value has been recognized by the American Library Association, Education World, the Aspen Institute and O’Reilly Media. For more information, please visit

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