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Disclaimer: I decided to talk about Pinterest today, but I was not prompted or asked to.

Today’s Tech Tuesday post is probably a site you are very familiar with, Pinterest. (And if you are not familiar, what are you waiting for?) Pinterest is a site I joined about two years ago (at least it seems that long ago) to organize my creative wants in one place that I had access to anywhere instead of a bulletin board. It’s oh so convenient and addicting.

Take for instance the board I started for our girl’s week trip. “Resting Place: September 2013” has been a place where the whole group can go to brainstorm ideas for activities and food while we are here. And while on the trip, we’re using it to reference for shopping trips and to remember things along our way.

I mean, how fun is this?

Pinterest Board

And you really can use Pinterest for anything. I have a board that Greg knows to refer to when he’s looking for gifts for me (or at least I think he does, he’s been doing really well these days). There’s a board where he and I put dream home decor and plans on. Travel boards. Boards about yoga. Boards for things I’d like to be able to wear (and things to do to this crazy hair of mine). The possibilities are endless, and totally up to you.

If you are not on Pinterest and organizing your dreams, I definitely recommend it. But I recommend you set a time and frequency to pin. You can easily get sucked in. (That’s why I am limiting myself to Sunday nights, except on vacation days or when an article I want to read crosses my inbox.) But the sucking in is so worth it.

Won’t you join me?

One thought on “Tech Tuesday: Pinterest”

  1. I know many a people who are hopeless Pinterest addicts and for good reason! That sight is the most creative website I’ve come across to date. Whoever thought of the concept of people ‘pinning’ their ideas into one place accessible to millions of others is a pure genius!

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