Tech Tuesday: Mickey Mouse Mash-Up

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Disclosure: I received the app below in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

The Mickey Mouse Mash-Up app has my ‘lil artists getting ready for family game nights by having them “follow along with Mickey Mouse in an adventure involving their own personally drawn character! Mickey and your creation will travel through cities, visit new places and experience incredible journeys, while encountering hi-jinx and hilarious events along the way.”


I was just wowed as Mickey asked Arianna to draw him “something real small that you’d find on the beach” and she drew…

A clam!

Seriously. I didn’t even know my five-year-old knew what a clam was. But she sure did draw it. I wish I could prove it, but it was in the story in a part where she had to move fast and hide Mickey. I couldn’t move fast enough! 

And then, Mickey put that clam in a story about “No Service” at a beach-shack diner. Arianna was totally captivated as the story went on, and didn’t even get upset when Mickey noted that “oops, we forgot to draw food!” and had to go back in and make an addition to the story. (Love that it’s teaching her mistakes are okay!)


There was one part of the story that she didn’t get, a timed activity to draw a box and a trash can to draw something to hide an unclothed Mickey (all part of the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” theme).

She did enjoy recording sounds to be included, too, and even critiqued her ability to make them just right by not hitting the check mark until they were perfect. (Oh my goodness.)

Arianna signing her name to the short

I love that this app doesn’t seem like it will get old. Now to convince Evan that it’s not really in his age range so he doesn’t get mad when he doesn’t *get* all of Mickey’s instructions. (It’s rated 4+, I’d almost wonder though because the store I listened to with Arianna talked about “naked” a few times. All depends on how open you are with your kids – I’ll leave it up to you!)

Mickey Mouse Mash-Up is available on the iTunes Store for iPad and iPhone and retails for $3.99.

Bonus? At the end of the short, your child can even draw Mickey! Here’s Arianna’s:


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