Tech Tuesday: How Do You Stay Organized?

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Today’s Tech Tuesday post is inspired by a question a fellow Pittsburgh Blogger posted on our Facebook group. I invite you to share your tips here, too! How Do You Stay Organized?

Yesterday, I filled in a calendar for our family. Pink for me, orange for Greg, purple for Arianna, bright green for Evan, and teal for family activities. We’ve tried various ways to stay organized, but since we (Greg and I) do not have the same organizational habits, it’s tough to expect technology to always come through. I am sure I am not alone in having a paper calendar, right?

Alas, technology sure is amazing to keep us organized. Here are the top five things I use to stay organized (on my BlackBerry z10, of course!):

1. “Remember” – This BlackBerry App syncs not only my Evernote, but also my notes from my work version of Microsoft Outlook Notes. Everything is all in one place! (There has to be a way to sync up my One Note, but I haven’t mastered that yet. If you know, shout at me.)

2. Google Calendar – I have found a way to use the calendar to make a family version (that syncs to both of our Gmail accounts) and to include my blogging editoral calendar. I even enter tasks for myself that sync to the date I assign as due.

3. Google Drive – Although I fully rely on my bank’s app to handle the in and out of money, I cling to Google Drive to hold my details on the account. Budgeting is key.

4. Pinterest – This may sound crazy, but Pinterest keeps me sane. All the boards for ALL THE THINGS. Need I say more? Okay, check my boards out to see what I mean.

5. Flickr – All copies of the photos we take is kept on an external hard drive, but I back up the ones I like most on Flickr. All the albums make it easy to think about what to print and when. Also, it makes sharing photos to Facebook and Twitter easy — I only have to upload it to one place and then share. Easy! (Check out our sets.)

While these aren’t crazy, out of the box ideas, they are sources I have found that work. What apps or websites do you use to stay sane in this world of everything moving at a mile a minute? 

IMG_0847 (Copy)
Random Photo of my Evan who stays organized in old fashioned form, with a map!

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