Tech Tuesday: Give Me a Break

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Usually on Tuesdays I have been featuring technology that has made our lives easier. This week, my Tech Tuesday piece is inspired by the ways technology has beat me this week.

* My Outlook 2010 is the lifeblood of my work day. In the last seven days, it has crashed a good 20 times. Once, it even deleted 7 emails in my Outbox, including one that took me 45 minutes and multiple saves to write. Any associated emails (replies) were also deleted in the loss. My .ost file became corrupt yesterday. And before you say, sounds like you need to call IT, I work for IT, in the Help Desk, in fact. Outlook and I are just in a rough patch.

* As is my BlackBerry. It wouldn’t take my personal device password and it wiped my phone after four tries. I will reboot it soon, as switching back to my old phone introduced more problems than I have cared to share, too.

* My cousin’s GPS navigates just fine, until it gets all snarky on us when we clearly say “no” to the question “do you want to reroute?”…and then it takes us down roads that are one lane construction zones with no idea if oncoming traffic must stop.

* The kids have learned to get on Candy Crush and music on the iPad. While a won for them, a loss for me…the kids are outsmarting me and a piece of technology.

* Both of my running apps have given me issues. This morning, Nike crashed three times until I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Endomondo froze a good 2 minutes last week, stalling my run by a good .2 miles lost on the app (although the time moved post freeze).

Here’s to hoping a have a better technology week. Now I need a coffee. Will be back later today with a coffee treat to share. What has been your biggest tech hangup this week?


Oh yah. I was out of gas on my ride home last week, too. Odds are, it happens today too. Just wait for it. Coffee, please!!!

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  1. Oh my word! I can’t believe the issues you’re having with Outlook and your Blackberry. I hope that crap stops soon. Technology hasn’t been too annoying these days for me. Just the usual distractions, you know?

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