Tech Tuesday: Doc McStuffins: Moving with Doc

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Disclosure: I received the app below in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Get healthy isn’t just something I’ve been working on. The kids (and Greg) are in it with me, too. When I was asked to have the kids give the Disney/iTunes App Doc McStuffins: Moving with Doc a try, I knew it was something they’d love.


Arianna played it for a solid day without sound. I didn’t take the time to go into the app and see what was up because she wouldn’t give up the iPad. When I finally got to look at it, I tried a few things I thought I knew would work. When they didn’t, I found the app on iTunes and went to the support link. It was very helpful:

Source: Disney FAQ
Source: Disney FAQ

Oops! Even tech-moms can learn a few new tricks every now and again. (This boggled me because other apps were playing sounds!)

She showed me the “Compete” game where she had to have the Hallie run and jump to pop bubbles (she could have picked Lambie or Stuffie, too).


Next up was “Train” where she was able to stretch with Doc (but I got in the way with the kid restrictions and had the camera turned off). It was okay by her, and she even came up with a way to hold the iPad in a kitchen chair and her to do her thing. By stretching, she’s earning stickers in a health chart!

There’s even a game area to grab good for you foods. When Evan tried to grab a chocolate bar, Arianna screamed, “SUGAR ISN’T GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU ARE TRAINING, BUB!”

Source: iTunes

Here’s some more info about this app:

In Moving with Doc, kids can practice healthy habits and explore the importance of exercise through engaging activities featuring Doc McStuffins and her friends. Discover the basics of eating right in exciting games and activities, and even compete in the Backyard Games! Additional features include:

  • Use the in-app camera to stretch with Doc

  • Keep track of healthy habits with the Healthy Me Chart

  • Discover new ways to be healthy and fit with fun activities

  • Offline tips, recipes, and more help grown-ups reinforce healthy habits

Doc McStuffins: Moving With Doc is available on iTunes for $4.99.

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  1. I think it’s a fantastic idea to get kids started with healthy habits early on! That way they have more of a chance to develop and MAINTAIN those healthy habits well into their teenage years and adulthood 🙂

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