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Disclaimer: While I was at Blogher ’13, I attended a #VZWTechTalk with Verizon Wireless and BlackBerry. I got to see the BlackBerry z10 in action and then entered a Twitter contest to win one. As a winner, I was not obligated to post about my experience with the device; however, I decided to share a review with you. All opinions are 100% my own.

It’s hard to believe, but I am a proud owner of a BlackBerry Z10. Since getting the device at BlogHer, I’ll admit that I complained a few times (I’ll get to that), but at the same time, I’ve gone off the beaten path (of Droid or iPhone) and am loving it. Truly.

Source: BlackBerry

First, the things that BLEW ME AWAY about the z10 at the Tech Talk:

  • Time Shift Technology on the Camera: The camera has a mode that is perfect for moms with ‘lil kids–Time Shift mode. I’m able to take one photo of my kids and pick the best faces and background. With my kids not being able to look at the camera at the same time, this is HUGE. (Check out the video in the link because I am sure it will blow you away, too.)
  • Story Maker: If you are at an event, say a baby shower, you can snap several photos, put them in Story Maker with some music, and share the “show” with the soon-to-be Mama as a parting gift. I’ve yet to make an official, pretty one, but I did throw my three first pictures in one to demonstrate to my husband and he also agreed it is a great feature.
  • Sleek screen: The screen is bright, smooth, and clear. Maybe it’s the glass, maybe it’s the way you swipe from the Hub to the apps to the home screens, but whatever it is, the display and movement is a big win. (BBM folks know this as “Flow”.)
  • Keyboard: The main reason I always HATED (yes, HATED) BlackBerry was the keyboard. I simply couldn’t use it. Fat thumbs? I don’t know, I just didn’t like it. With the z10 keyboard built into the touch screen, all that has gone away. Honestly, as a blogger and share-a-holic, this is what made the phone for me. It has learned my typing style. It suggests words based on the sentences I am typing and people I talk to. I am in loooooooove. (Check out this demo video to see what I am talking about.)

That was a lot of information to get in the 10 minutes of the Tech Talk, so in the time since getting the phone activated and running, I’ve learned quite a bit, too. Tom, from BlackBerry, suggested the following:

  • Remember: This app syncs with my Outlook (on my work PC) and my Evernote (my personal organization tool of choice) and puts all of my notes, pictures, and more in the appropriate folders (based on what I tell it). Most recently, I used the app to refer to notes I put together for my status meeting with my boss. I’d already moved from a notebook, but had been carrying my laptop to his office for these meetings. Now, I just use my phone, update, and have nothing to lug around that I don’t normally have with me.
  • Waze: Social GPS! I love using this to see if an accident, police, or debris on the road is what is holding up my day.
  • BlackBerry Travel: I am looking forward to using this for upcoming work trips because it arranges your travel information all in one place.
  • HDR mode on the camera: In natural light situations, I can take non-flash photos in HD with this feature.

I’ll admit, the z10 has grown on me. Sure, I still don’t have all of the apps I had on my Droid (Nike+ and Feedly, do you hear me?), but I am working through this. I’ve found a new running app I am okay with, and I am able to read through Feedly on other devices. For the past few weeks, I’ve carried my old phone in my bag (because it can be used on WiFi if I have issues); however, I haven’t used it but one time.

At this point, I’ve been blown away by the features and ease of using the BlackBerry. As a working mom, the ability to smoothly transition my work and home life together has been the biggest wow of the BlackBerry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the z10 (or what info on the Q10, which has the physical keyboard), you can check out If you’re on BBM, let me know so we can connect–I need to learn more about this part of the phone!

Thank you to Verizon and BlackBerry for this prize. 

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