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Ever since a “marathon” weekend of doing yoga on my girls’ weekend in January, I have been addicted to yoga. I’ll admit, I haven’t done it as much since I’ve been focused on running and training for big races; however, it’s still a part of my daily life. When I was asked to check out “Tao Te Ching: A New Version for All Seekers“, I agreed. Why? My favorite part of yoga practice is the calm centering I receive from the words of mediation at the end of practice.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Tao Te Ching in exchange for this review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Perhaps another reason I love the centering of the readings in yoga practice is that I have always been a faith-based person. Since going off to college, I haven’t really found the church I call “home”, but when I read selections from texts like Tao Te Ching, my faith pulls through. I find the peace and serenity that I found by attending church every Sunday.

So, what did I think of Tao Te Ching (pronounced dow deh jing)? Since this was the first collection of verses I’ve personally had my hands on, I was wowed. The verses are interpreted beautifully, with simple language that put me at peace. I didn’t feel like my faith (Christian) was compromised by reading them–probably anyone of any faith could pick up this book and find peace within.

There are 81 verses in Tao Te Ching that Guy Leekley interpreted from Laozi’s original (a Chinese text that is used as a fundamental scripture in Taoism). I didn’t take on the task of reading through. I’ve turned to pages when I’ve felt I needed centering. I’ve drawn to some on particular days by glancing at the words on the page and a certain word sticking out to me. Every time, I have not been caught off guard or questioned the words I read. I took time, I slowed down, I listened. Finding this peace and calm in my life is rare, and I’ll take it. Since my gym version of yoga doesn’t typically involve a reading at the end, I’ve been carrying my copy around in my bag. It’s been handy for finding the calm and serenity I desire.

For instance, from 64:

That which is centered

Can be sustained.

Just a few short words from a passage, and my heart is already filling with love and peace, my mind erasing of all the things still on my plate for today.

Essentially, I’d call this interpretation a must have if you are a yoga teacher or yogi. There is peace within, for all seekers that will help free you from the battles of day-to-day life.

You can get your own copy of Tao Te Ching by Guy Leekley through Yoga Life Style. It retails for $14.95. 

Tao Te Ching
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