Taking Chances

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It’s November, which for many of us means it is 30 Days of Thankful. Follow along with me this month as I gather the things I am thankful for this year. Today, I’ll be talking about taking chances and the happiness it’s brought my way.

30 days of thankful

Taking Chances.

This one starts with a big sigh tonight. Today was a rough one, but I survived.

It begins at my desk. I was trying to work on an enhancement and couldn’t keep my mind off friends who I used to work with that are home today because of major changes at my previous employer. This makes me sad and yet thankful all at once.

Remember about four months ago I told you about my job change? Yeah. That reinvention of myself, that re-dedication to the tools and processes I love to do for a living, were a big chance that has immensely paid off. My timing was “just right”, just before things got crazy and sad and uncertain. I took a chance on a company that I know feel at home at, part of an Ohana. For this, I am thankful. For not having to worry all last week if I was going to wake up to a job this week, I am thankful.

And regarding another chance I took about 8 years ago…yeah, he worked out pretty well, too. Greg and I might have our differences and not always see eye-to-eye, but I’m glad for us taking a chance on each other. I’m reminded of this as he’s cuddling Isla, woken from a bad dream just now. For the chance we took on love and life together as a family, I’m thankful.

Finally, tonight, I am grateful for taking a chance on myself. With the start of a new month comes re-dedication to goals, remembering those big changes I made and how I can and will do this again in my time. For this commitment to me, I’m thankful.

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