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(Enter disclaimer text) On Thursday, my office participated in Take Your Kids to Work day. The Bigs were thrilled to accompany me, commute and all.

When the alarm went off at 6:30, I heard a chipper Arianna sweetly tell Evan it was time to go to work. This was far from the usual GET UP FOR SCHOOL NOW that I’ve heard her scream on work from home days.

I knew that donuts were our first activity, but our bellies don’t handle sugary goodness too well without a base, so we headed to our local Dunkin’ Donuts and got breakfast sandwiches (though Evan was all “skip the bread, just give me meat” about it). Next up was the commute which wasn’t too awful but yet just good enough to show them what I have to go through each day.

We got to the office and Evan immediately started to dig into my zen garden, making the floor and my desk not so zen. Related, later in the day we also had approximately 1100 cups, totally taking away the calm that is usually my desk.

 Arianna helped me out by doing some work in Salesforce – she created a report folder! While it wasn’t coding, I was proud of my ‘lil coder. 🙂

It was time to head to Peace, Love, & Little Donuts, a place I’ve never been but was worth a slightly upset stomach from glutens. Their samoa donut is on point. Evan and Arianna loved their choices, too.

It was time to settle back into a normal day, so several of my co-workers had some activities for the kids. It of course didn’t keep them from trying out all the markers in the conference rooms, drawing me pictures, or eating all the chocolate from our snack drawer. Evan even got to help put together a shelf for our relaxation room!

After a pizza lunch and some quiet time drawing up logos and posters, it was time for us to head out for soccer practice. The kids were chatting the whole way home about how cool my work is (I agree) and how they hope they get to do it again next year (me too). So blessed to have this time with them!

Tell me! Did you get to participate in Take Your Kids to Work day? I didn’t as a kid, but I often was with my dad on visits which was always super fun. This was the first time my kids (even though school age) were allowed to participate – so glad they both got to experience the first time together!

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