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Disclaimer: I received product(s) in exchange for a blog review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Did you know I’m back to training for (almost) a half marathon? Yup, this spring, I’m going to be running home in Pittsburgh in the last two legs of the Marathon Relay. What’s protein have to do with it? A whole lot.

Following a workout, the body needs some help repairing muscles and cells. This is normal and natural, but protein helps make that easier on the body. Additionally, it helps keep your metabolism going long after the workout.

After a run, the first thing I grab is something with protein. Lots and lots of grams of it. But when I get to add sweet to it? HUGE bonus. That’s where Pure Protein comes into my plan.

According to their website,

Pure Protein® is the nutritious protein solution for those living an active lifestyle.

You can read up more (as well as find where to buy their products) on their website: http://www.pureprotein.net/. Or, you can stick around and read about the three products I got to taste test!

Pure Protein


First up, you know I had to try the Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch protein bars. These were like eating a candy bar, only much better for you. They are soft, yet have a crunch. And the chocolate tastes real, no faking around here.

The Pure Protein High Protein Bar with Greek Yogurt Style Coating (Strawberry) were a flavorful addition to my day. There are strawberry bits inside (super tasty) and were so smooth going down (thank you to the green yogurt “glaze” on top).

And the shake in Cookies and Creme was, to me, better than sucking down a milkshake and much more flavorful than chocolate milk (a runner’s favorite). In fact, I’m drinking one now as I write this (post run).

What I love about these three Pure Protein offerings is that all three filled me up and fit into my lifestyle. When I had to take runs at the gym, I could just toss them in my bag and go. They’re great for throwing in my lunch bag as a snack, too.

So, you don’t work out and are like, “who cares!”??? Well, we all can benefit from protein, young or old, active or not. Seriously. If you add a little bit of protein to every meal, you’ll not only see results, but be less hungry and have more energy to handle your day. (These aren’t medical facts that I read somewhere, they are my real life experience talking). Both my kids and husband like the benefits of protein, too. Greg was elated when I offered to share a bar with him, and Evan LOVES the smell of the Cookies and Cream shake (but sorry honey, Mama’s not sharing this one!).

Have questions about the three products I tried? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back at ya (or find someone who can help out with other questions).

Pure Protein
Source: Pure Protein

Keep Trying

A few weeks ago I started to train for the Pittsburgh (HALF) Marathon.  I was hardcore. I was ready. The training was going to take me to a whole new level, a new weight I can never remember being.

This would be week five of my training, but I got inside my own head.

One, the bibs sold out. (I could run for charity but would need donations and I don’t like asking….plus imagine the pain if I ran for them and DNF!)

Two,  the Did Not Finish fear. When I give it my all I am at 12:00-12:30 per mile. Turtle I am, still so proud.  I was around 18-20 last year. The 14 minute average scared me.

Three, my feet and knees hate the treadmill….and have you ran outside?!?! Cold.

Four, my weightloss hit a standstill.  Too much, perhaps?

So now instead I train only for Mud on the Mountain.  And for my health. This morning I put in an hour. Three miles on treadmill. Two miles on elliptical.  Forty five squats. I will not be defeated, just adjusting my outlook.

Like the kids’ show says…”keep trying, don’t give up”…and I won’t.