Mama’s ‘Lil Doctor

Shh…it’s Wordless Wednesday up in the blogosphere…but I have so much to blog about, I don’t want to hush today. Forgive me, and enjoy this cute story!

The past few months, well, the past year and a half, I have not been feeling well on a regular basis. First, it was all the fun I had with 9 months of morning sickness and other fun while being pregnant. Then, it was the months of recovering from my c-section. Next came a few months of vertigo (which I still don’t know what caused it and occasionally reoccurs). This past week, I bothered my sciatica which has (literally) been a pain in the butt.

Last night, I went to my local urgent clinic to get some relief. When I came home, ‘Lil Girl was thrilled to play my doctor. I laid down on the couch and she covered me up with a blanket. She brought her doctor kit and made sure Mama felt better. I really couldn’t ask for a better doctor, could I?

Hopefully she healed me up because I am pretty sick of being sick! I miss working on our Couch to 5K goal (haven’t since last Monday, the day before the pain started) and walking at lunch. . . but I apparently just need to rest and heal. Sometimes it’s hard being stubborn!

Word(less) Wednesday


I thought we had it all together. I thought we were ready. Then, in the middle of a busy day in a full week, Mr. Burgher sent me a text and my world came to a halt. Already?? Yesterday, 7/26, Lil Man cut his first tooth! This bottom tooth caused him stay up til 12:30, through 16 innings of Pirates/Braves baseball, wanting to eat non-stop (hence the bottle). It was a long night followed by a good, long day. Please excuse our lateness, but we were having fun (more on that later!)

Photo taken on negative … Mama was TIRED!