WonderWorks (Myrtle Beach)

About six years ago, someone (who worked in construction) showed me a photo of a job he was about to start work on. It was an upside down house, but he couldn’t tell me more about it because it was “top secret”. Well, it was one of Myrtle Beach’s newer attractions, Wonderworks, and my family and I finally took the time to visit it last week.

Wonderworks Myrtle Beach
Wonderworks Myrtle Beach

First of all, if we hadn’t bought a “Playcation” pass (which got us into several attractions), I would not have thought twice about paying the admission rate ($22.99) because “it’s just a house”. Second of all, I would have been sorely wrong to have made that decision. The price is NOTHING compared to the value you get for going, let me tell you. Pay it. Package it up. I don’t care. Just do it.

It doesn’t matter if you have young kids (talking 2+ here), tweens, teens, or no kids at all. We had a blast and I’ll definitely be going back.

For Evan (3), there were plenty of bubbles to go around. And around. And around. He probably spent thirty minutes in this area (although he liked other attractions such as the basketball arcade-style game) making bubble after bubble with Grandma.

IMG_2926 (Copy)

IMG_2915 (Copy)

And our five-year-old Arianna simply loved it all. Of course, there were some things over her head science-wise, but she touched, pushed, stepped, rode, and did every thing she could. Not being 42 inches, she had a minor pout-down over not being able to ride a virtual ride, but there’s always next time.

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Us adults probably had the most fun. Imagine being a kid in an arcade and not needing tokens. That’s exactly what it was like. Virtual rides, sports simulators, interactive games, bed of nails, ropes course…it was all free with admission. Besides mildly freaking out on the ropes course (I did four obstacles then QUIT), I had a great night.

IMG_2903 (Copy)
(I would have been on this with him, but our combined weight is over the weight limit – darn!)

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IMG_2934 (Copy)

If Greg and I still lived in Myrtle Beach, it would definitely be a date destination. We could have “played” for hours!

With over 100 attractions, there surely is something for everyone. If you’re traveling to Myrtle Beach (or any of the other locations with a WonderWorks), definitely include this on your to-do list. You can read more on their website: http://www.wonderworksonline.com


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by WonderWorks. I decided to write about our experience after we enjoyed it like we did. When I can’t pull Greg away, it’s definitely worth a review! 😉