Keep Trying

A few weeks ago I started to train for the Pittsburgh (HALF) Marathon.  I was hardcore. I was ready. The training was going to take me to a whole new level, a new weight I can never remember being.

This would be week five of my training, but I got inside my own head.

One, the bibs sold out. (I could run for charity but would need donations and I don’t like asking….plus imagine the pain if I ran for them and DNF!)

Two,  the Did Not Finish fear. When I give it my all I am at 12:00-12:30 per mile. Turtle I am, still so proud.  I was around 18-20 last year. The 14 minute average scared me.

Three, my feet and knees hate the treadmill….and have you ran outside?!?! Cold.

Four, my weightloss hit a standstill.  Too much, perhaps?

So now instead I train only for Mud on the Mountain.  And for my health. This morning I put in an hour. Three miles on treadmill. Two miles on elliptical.  Forty five squats. I will not be defeated, just adjusting my outlook.

Like the kids’ show says…”keep trying, don’t give up”…and I won’t.