Standing a bit Taller

My journey to losing weight has been a crazy one my entire life. You know that because I wrote about it in my resolutions. Let’s call this post, on the third of February, a little update on #1 and #2. My typical weight loss fashion has been lose a bit, gain a bit, lose a bit, gain a bit. In reality, I end up losing more than I ever share because I gain and then have to shed that.

This month has been no exception. At the beginning of the month, I was -20.5 pounds since October 17. Last Friday I was at -26.5 thinking what a great way that would be to end January (I still had 4 days to do more). Well, life happened and had other ideas. I didn’t post on my Lose It account because I was 1) busy and 2) embarrassed, but I did share with Mr. Burgher and my cousin who has been working on this with me. You know, I went and gained 4.5 pounds from Friday to Tuesday!

Thank you, Sonic. Your temptation of 10 bites of ice cream…it was so good but so bad.

Thank you, stress and a messed up schedule. When I don’t eat on my schedule, it always messes with me. This weekend I worked from 5-3:30 both days, then spent extra time in the office on Monday. It really made for a mess of my eating.
Thank you, burgers and Chinese. Quick, easy options, and eating with guys does that to you. I am not going to dare blame Olive Garden because I did well there (thanks to the Chinese guilt) and I ate salad then a few bites of my meal (that became leftovers along with half of the Chinese). Or maybe I should.
Thank you, lack of working out. Sitting in a desk chair for many hours will do that.
Thank you, dehydration. I simply didn’t get near enough water.

But, I set a goal. I gave myself ’til today to get it all off and be back at my last Friday weight. And here I am! I did it! Today I can stand a bit taller because I’ve admitted my slip. I’ve overcome my guilt. I’ve done well. I lost 4.5 pounds in 3 days by working out, drinking water, and being back on my normal eating schedule. I have confidence I am going to blow my nutritionist’s -6 pound goal out of the water by 2/20. But I trust you’ll keep me honest. Come be my friend on Lose It or share your successes and fears of weight loss. Sometimes it takes a village, and I need to remember that.

Time to go put on some smaller jeans and get out the door. *smiles*