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Another (Goal) Bites the Dust

It’s been two years in the making and I am proud to announce that today another goal bites the dust.

In June 2011, I began a weight loss journey that’s had it’s ups and downs (but far from my yo-yo dieting days of the past). Starting at a 287 pounds (sadly, only a ‘lil more than 30 pounds over my high school graduation weight), I knew there were changes to be made. keep reading

Swimsuit Pic of Me? And I am OK With It?

Following a day at the pool, my friend started putting up photos on Facebook. Before, I used to be scared of what pool photos would mean for me, but yesterday was different. Sure, there are some of me awkwardly balled up in the baby pool, but come on. It’s 1 1/2 feet of water and I needed to curl all 5’6″ of me up to cool off. Of course, that’s going to look awkward. But that picture up there? I am ok with it. keep reading