And Then There Were Twelve

It’s been a week since we welcomed Ashley and her son to our family.

NurinWedding_ (168)

We are now, officially, a family of twelve. A dozen of hearts representing so many beautiful things in this world.

A man who grew up in Harlem…

…who fell in love with a woman from Iowa after seeing each other across a crowded room at a Baha’i gathering…

…who married and then had a daughter, an avid reader who shares her love of books with all she meets…

…who is the sister of a boy who loved chasing birds and wanted to be a daddy when he grew up. He’d grow to fall in love with a girl from Pittsburgh and her daughter, forming a new part of the family and expanding with a son and two more daughters.

…who all are always made to smile by the passion and adventure of the youngest daughter of that man from Harlem and his farmer’s daughter wife. Last week, they welcomed her wife and son to this growing, diverse, loving family.

…and then there were twelve.


Can you believe that the ‘lil Burghers make up six of the twelve?