Grateful for Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, I took a blogging break. Frankly, I took a break from pretty much everything but work. I was grateful for that Wordless Wednesday.

On that Wordless Wednesday, I woke up next to this guy.

beckygregvotWe woke up to half the country rejoicing and half the country saddened. Guess what? If it had gone the other way, it still would be the same thing. Yup. It would have. What might have been different was the reactions. I don’t know, but I do know God has a plan and I’m ready to ride that out.

As I posted on my Facebook wall:

I’m surprisingly calm this morning. God has a plan and I am ready to see what happens. I’m ready to see the true colors of those around me on both sides of the party lines. There will be those who have no interest in unity, but unity is what we need. We need to remember to respect each other and all work to have a better future, together. Dreaming big and bold, praying for my children and husband most of all.  

I know, a weird silence from me is a bit disturbing. I get it. I’ve already been questioned if I voted one way or the other. That’s my business, really, but I’m not out crying in the streets or gloating. I just am. I am an American who is thankful for all of our freedoms and a Christian who was going to wake up on Wednesday praying hard one way or the other. That’s my truth and that’s about all I have to say on this subject.

I’m ready to move on, to rise up with Hillary’s non-verbal cue to go PURPLE – to unite, to listen to what President-Elect (he’s not in yet, folks) Trump has for this country, and to cling to my faith and my family. And that is where I am today.