Why I Don’t Dream and Tell…and Why I Should

Today’s blog prompt over at Bloggy Moms helped me out a lot. It’s been a long day (a good one, though) and needed some inspiration. The prompt is “Your Most Vivid Dream”.

I don’t dream and tell. Honestly, I don’t dream. Instead, the Lord has blessed me with visions…so 96.5% of my “dreams” come true. It can be SCARY. Super scary.

Like the first time it happened. I had a dream, then a few days later, I was at a stop light with my dad. Things got fuzzy, my head spun, and I felt sick. We had been in this same exact place at this same exact moment…only it had been a few nights before while I, an innocent 10 year old, slept. Nothing bad was going to happen (I just knew what song was next up on the radio), but I was freaked out!

Thank goodness I am a PK. Growing up in a church, you learn about the gifts of the spirit, so I understood when Dad said it was not deja vu, but a vision. A gift. Something I should be thankful for.

But how can you be thankful for something that is scary? I sometimes force myself not to dream…or to wake up and tell someone my dream so that I don’t let the vision come true. Maybe I should share? I am really not sure how I feel about all that. Sometimes my visions are good, but other times they are not. I fear the day I have a dream about the kids or someone else I love, but as always, I know God is in control.

What do you dream about? Do you have spiritual gifts?