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These were the Valentines Arianna took to school, accompanied by the snack for the class. Admittedly… the snack was not what I wanted to send (but the cards rocked, yes?). You see…I signed up for a day at the store yesterday, a noted busy day for the stores. After a day full of hearing crazy stories from all the people coming to the floral department last minute (one of my family members was the second guest of the day!), I didn’t have the strength to stand in the kitchen and make dipped rice krispie pops. I just didn’t have it. No, the stories of “I don’t really like her” and “I don’t know her last name” didn’t turn me off the day. Nor did the tear jerking ones of widowers, or single parents buying for their kids. They didn’t warp my vision of the day. But, the sheer busy-ness in the store made my heart (and feet) ache. So many last minute shoppers not getting what they originally wanted, taking (still beautiful) second options home. After 10 hours of doing what I love, providing service to customers and making them happy, I just had to settle on a second option for Arianna’s class treat. And the second option thumbprints? Beautiful. Bakeries are a working mom’s best friend, no doubt. keep reading

Pre-School Valentines

Today was ‘lil Miss A’s class valentine party. A’s teacher asked me if I would be able to make it today, and I was lucky enough to rearrange my schedule so I could be there. I was working from home in the morning, and ended up rushing in last minute, but just in time for A to pass out her “I Love You a Ton” valentines I made while scrapping in January, and Oreos that Mr. Burgher couponed (and our dairy free ‘lil one can eat). keep reading