Our Heart Day


Since I am still not driving (thank you, vertigo), our Valentine’s Day started with Mr. Burgher and the kids driving me to work. A few hours later, they picked me up for lunch. When I stepped out into the oddly warm yet snowy day, I was greeted by Mr. Burgher waiting to open my door AND hand me three roses, one from each of my hearts (or…perhaps they were one for each year we’ve been paired up as a couple?).

Our secret lunch adventure was simple and quick, perfect for what we needed for a lunch with the kids. At Qdoba, we got a free entree by kissing (aw, cheesy) and enjoyed just being able to be together in the middle of the day.

After work, it was off to coupon, grab some “Eat Fresh” (I wasn’t cooking and needed a lunch for today, too, silly), and get home. (Did I mention while couponing I bought Mr. Burgher’s gifts? Slack. At least tomorrow he is getting HD DVR…and another surprise on Friday) We exchanged gifts, wrapped in none other than Tote Bags. This lucky Mama got a brownie pop pan and some other sweet gifts.

Simple and together, just the way we like to spend heart day!

You Found Me

Dear Mr. Burgher,

You, and only you, forever, for always. Three years ago, you found me. We finally saw each other in the light that God wanted us to. We took a chance on love, and look at where it has taken us. While I am sure you never imagined you’d be a couponing stay at home Dad, you sure are good at it. And you are good at reining me in, but letting me fly for us. I really and truly couldn’t ask for more in a partner and friend.

Thank you for finding me and for loving me like you do.

Mrs. Burgher

I Love You a Ton, ‘lil Miss A!

Dear ‘lil Miss A,

It is hard to believe this is the fourth Valentine’s Day that you have brought joy to my soul. Every day, you prove to me that God really does have a reason for everything. Even in the moments when I struggle with you just flat out being three, I feel so much love for you. Your curiosity and mind that is like an elephant’s amaze me. If I got lost, all I would need to do is ask you to guide me home, and you would be able to do it—I have faith in your ‘lil mind.

When I think of pure love, your sweet face comes to mind. Every one you come across seems to fall deeply in love with your sweetness. While I would love to think that is a reflection on our parenting, I have learned that you really have your own way about going through life. You’re an independent ‘lil ball of fire that keeps us smiling and laughing, yet keeps us on our toes with your sass.

As you keep growing, my love for you keeps growing stronger. At this point, I love my ‘lil A a ton, and I know that love is just going to keep getting deeper.


I’m Bananas For You, ‘lil Man!

Dear ‘lil Man,

Your Mama looks into your big beautiful eyes every single day and absolutely melts. Your face is the perfect combination of your Daddy and me. I can see generations in you—what a lucky kid to have such a palette of amazing genes. The way you laugh, even when you are mad, it makes me want to always be that happy. One day, I am certain that you will be on a big screen, whether it is singing with that voice like honey, that arm that can throw a ball across the room, or those feet that don’t stop dancing. Speaking of your feet. ‘lil Man, you sure know how to give the best gifts (like your Christmas ‘Mama’). Last night, you took some amazing steps toward Daddy. A free and memorable gift for today.

One year ago today, Mama had to leave you to go back to work. I honestly do not know how I did it, but I did it for all of us. Your smile keeps me going. Every morning, you give me the sweetest smile, never any tears, and it makes me realize everything is for a reason.

You are my ‘lil monkey, and I am going to be bananas for you for years.


Boxes of Love

Last week, our family had a Valentine’s Day gathering where we did an old school card exchange and a box decorating contest. It was just like going back to elementary school. My mom won the votes with a box like she made in sixth grade.

I spent my time prepping up a veggie tray, fruit salad, and buffalo chicken dip followed by three hours of scrapping cards with Mr. Burgher. Our boxes ended up like this:

What do you and your family do to celebrate heart day?