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Happy Birthday, Twins!


Photo: laurierphotography.com

Yup. That’s pretty much how I feel.

Today is the twins’ birthday. It’s been the fastest year ever. Wasn’t I just pregnant with them? I thought so.

Both of the girls continue to amaze me every day. We celebrate them today, and look forward to many more milestones. keep reading

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Twins: 11 Months


Nope. There is NO WAY the twins are 11 months old. Right?

Oh, Ava and Isla. You are both so beautiful, so full of life and love. You turning 11 months is bittersweet. Mama and Daddy are going to miss the baby stage.

Baby B, let’s start with some fun facts about you. Isla. IJ. Joy Joy. You know your name. And even more, you know NO and how to giggle just right when you’re about to get in trouble. keep reading

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9 Months

It can’t get any more real than this, can it? My babies are 9 months old. (Hint, it can. And it does. Just wait for tomorrow…)

While this picture it’s pinterestperfect, it’s pretty darn spectacular. Ava and Isla are both sitting up, crawling, babbling (primarily in their twin code), and eating anything they can get their hands on. I can tell all of that just from the photo (see Isla’s red knee?) Just ignore the baby food on the carpet and Ava’s socks. 😉  keep reading

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38 Weeks: The Outside Version

The twins have now been on the outside for longer than they were inside.

It’s incredible to think about how quickly they have grown and become two amazing blessings. Time’s flown so much that I’m not sure I’ve shared with you that… keep reading

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Twin Tip Tuesday: Cut Them Nails

(Thanks, BabyComfyNail!)

Welcome to Twin Tip Tuesdaya brand new feature to help all you twin (+) parents with raising happy & healthy twins! Have a must-have for twin parenting? Let me know!

Isla, our youngest twin, was born with crazy long nails. Our pediatrician suggested not to cut the twins’ nails when they were newborns because cutting the nails actually cuts tender baby skin. Ouch! keep reading

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Sister’s Day 2015


This year Sister’s Day also happens to be Ava and Isla’s 4 month birthday.

Not too much has changed since they turned three months, except maybe more smiles and laughs, some more rolling over, and the knowledge of each other.

Yup, in time for Sister’s Day, the twins realized the other baby isn’t a mirror or a playdate. She’s her sister. Ava, especially, has a thing for wanting to love on Isla and “talk” to her. I hope this never changes. keep reading

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The Twins: 13 Weeks or 3 Months


Our girls are growing way too fast. Yesterday was 13 weeks. It was also 3 months.

Both are smiling and laughing. They recognize their names and know Mama from Daddy and how to get exactly what they want from each of us.

Ava rolled over for the first time on Tuesday, and Grandma said Isla did the same on Wednesday. keep reading

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Every Drop

Today I am breathing a sigh of relief. Every drop of liquid that the twins have had in their lives so far has been Mama’s Liquid Gold. Two months of Mommy’s Yummies. I feel like every breastfeeding milestone is worth celebrating, don’t you? keep reading

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