The Twins are THREE

How can it be? Today is a big day for two ‘lil girls, our twins are three!

These girls have truly changed our lives, keeping us on our toes ever since the day they were born. Both bring so much love and joy to our family, it’s hard to imagine that three years ago we had no idea what we were in for.

Ava and Isla, you are one in a million and so loved! Happy Birthday!

(our annual photo of the night before their birthday – so much has changed since this one!)

Twin Parent Checklist

Enter disclaimer text We’ve put together a Twin Parent Checklist – our take on the “essentials” for twin parents as you navigate through the first years as twin parents. If you’re a twin parent, check it out and tell us what you’d add!


Twin Parent Checklist

Despite the look of the girls in the photo, they have totally rocked their first years (almost THREE) of life, challenging everything we thought we knew about parenting based on our older two. We’re no experts but have come up with a list that can be helpful if you’re navigating this twin parenthood thing for the first (or second) time.

Things You’ll Want Two of:

  • Cribs (we love mini cribs)
  • Playpens (get one with a double bassinet)
  • High Chairs
  • Toddler Beds
  • Car Seats (and an extra set of bases for infant seats)
  • Bumbo Chair
  • Ring Sling Baby Carrier
  • Coats
  • Car Seat Covers (if you live in a cold area)


Things You’ll Need One of:


Go Big (get multiples):

  • Crib Sheets
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Training Pants
  • Footed Pajamas
  • Swaddle Blankets and/or Sleep Sacks
  • Onesies

Check out a more detailed post about some of these items or a list of things for the PARENTS of newborns!

Get the downloadable version here –> Twin Parent Checklist

Twins: 23 Months

Well. Here it is. The Twins’ 23 Months post. How have 23 months flown by? How is this our last “months” photo and post for our babies? Somehow, some way, it’s here.  (Enter disclaimer text)

twins 23 monthsTurning 23 months old was basically just like any other day in the twins’ life. Well, sort of. They slept in (a rarity). They carried oranges around for awhile (and told me so on the phone). They got their runny noses wiped approximately eleventy-hundred times (yay for the random sickness rounds that have hit our house). They ate cherry tomatoes and tater tots for dinner. They made us laugh and made us so ready for bedtime, too.

There aren’t many milestones they haven’t met yet, so nothing really new to report on that front. Both continue to say more and do more independently. Both still hate baths and love Sesame Street. Basically, we are bracing ourselves for the terrible twos.

8476In April, we’ll celebrate their second birthday and then I’m sure the next sixteen years will fly by. ::big sigh::

Happy 23 Month Birthday, Ava and Isla!

Mom Tip: These milestone blocks are cute, but as the babies got older, taking photos with them gets harder and harder! Did you see Isla’s face?!?!? These are totally toys, right?



Giveaway for The Picket Fence: Pittsburgh Baby Stores

Enter disclaimer text This post, The Picket Fence: Pittsburgh Baby Stores, is one such post.

Okay, we forgot to call me out for not posting that the twins are 21 months old? Hint, the answer is yinz all did. How did we let another month pass up? Next thing you know, these two will be off to college and this ‘lil blog will be a thing of the “ancient” past. But for real, there are only two more monthly posts for these baby milestones left, sigh.

But I’m not going to lie, as I’ve been checking out the goodies over at The Picket Fence (a Pittsburgh baby store), I’m almost tempted to keep posting monthlies of the twinnies in all the cute things.

Because seriously, yinz. Please try to convince me these shirts aren’t winners.

the Picket FenceIt’s tough work trying to get them to cooperate for these milestone photos. Things were “easy” back when they were just itty bitty babies! I mean, back then I didn’t have a ‘lil Yinzer yelling at me for interrupting ‘Momo’ time.


But back when things were “easy” with these milestones, her ‘lil sister wasn’t rocking the ‘Bradshaw’…


…and we didn’t have the sweet voices in the morning of twin language (which is totally a real thing – they talk to each other differently than they do to us)…or wrestling baby fights…or “Sissy Baby I-ya” being said over and over over over…and said Sissy wasn’t coloring on all the things while her ‘lil big sister was begging mommy for “Diet Coke” (which is really my water with a straw, but Ava’s favorite thing to say)…or so many more adorable things.

Ah, twinnies. Another milestone down, which means we are that much closer to another birthday. Might be time for me to get back to browsing Picket Fence for some more cute things for you! xoxo


A ‘lil more about Picket Fence: Pittsburgh baby stores like this have a lot to offer ‘lil Burghers’ clothing needs. The Picket Fence is an adorable boutique with clothes for kids and women, as well as unique gifts. They are located on Walnut Street in Shadyside, PA and offer online shopping (which is how I ordered the onesies for this post). Check out what other ‘Burghers are picking as their favorites over on Instagram with #FenceFaves.

Visited their site and see something you loveYou’re in luck. I am giving away $50 to spend online at The Picket Fence. Giveaway ends January 21 at 11:59 PM. Good luck!

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20 Months

It is so hard to believe that today is another milestone for the twins. 20 months have flown by. 

Ava continues to shock us. Take that, failure to thrive. This girl is a thriver. In her 20 months, she’s probably ate more than Evan’s ate in his almost 6 years. She is sneaky and daring. Her words have become sentences. She’s so loving, even trying to cuddle with her little sister at night. 

Isla is truly the diva of the family. She bats her eyes just so and knows how to get our attention. Her love of shoes is definitely a passed down trait (I won’t say from which side of her genes). She’s amazed by nature shows, pausing only to pay attention to them and nothing else. 

For 20 months, we’ve been so blessed by these precious treasures of ours. Every day with them is special and cherished. Who is ready to start thinking about their next party? Sigh. 

I know, right Ava?

Let’s just pause time, shall we?

19 Months

​It’s hard to believe, but the twins turned 19 months old today. 

Every time I see them walking, I am bugged out. They are so small yet so strong.

Speaking of small, their stats, according to Greg: Ava is in the 19th% in weight at 20lb 8.8oz. 9% for height at 30.5″ and 26% head. Isla is 6% weight and height at 19lb 1.5oz and 30.25″ and her big ol’ head is 67%.

And their personalities? OH MY. On Monday alone, we had these gems:
– Isla tried to sneak on an elevator at the hospital while visiting Uncle Jack.
– Ava asked everyone for “or treats” while trick or treating with the cousins.
– Isla snuck Simon’s hat and DTM quickly snapped this fun photo of them in the midst of their busy-ness:

Other things of note:
– They’ve moved to toddler beds!
– They love popcorn.
– They’re still not sure if they are vegetarians or carnivores…eating has become more picky!

Girls, I’m so thankful for you! Xoxo

The Twins 17 Months

On Friday, the Twins turned 17 months old (don’t worry, we’re still in denial over here, too). It was a whirlwind month with the girls amazing us more every day.

Twins 17 Months

Ava started walking five days after turning 16 months old. That might have something to do with the whirlwind. We are now chasing them in two different directions. Baby proofing is officially vital. At play time she has had to go into isolation of her own playpen because she continued to bite Isla. Most recently, she’s put her pacifier to the side. It’s no longer attached to her day and night. She went four nights without it before uncovering it from under her crib mattress on Friday night (but promptly told it “night” on Saturday morning). Her favorite thing is “Number of the Day” from Sesame Street.

Isla continues to be a busy ham. She’s all about making us laugh and giving us reason to hold our breath all in the same minute. Her hair is finally growing out of the Terry Bradshaw, her teeth out of the Michael Strahan. She still favors Daddy, but started calling out for Mama more and more. When she is done eating, she makes it clear that she is done by yelling so. When she’s not racing Ava up the stairs to bed or throwing her stuffed dog around the living room, she’s busy finding fun toys in the Bigs’ toy room. Her favorite thing is “Letter of the Day” from Sesame Street.

Oh, girls. You might still be wearing 6-9 month shoes, but your feet have brought such big happiness to our world. Our nightly peek-a-boo and jumping on the bed sessions are long going to be burned in my mind. You’ve grown all too quickly, but it’s all been for the good. Lots and lots of love, ladies. xoxo


Sixteen Months

Sixteen Months. No way, right? There is no way that the twins are sixteen months old today.


I mean, weren’t we just celebrating Sisters Day with them when they turned four months?

Oh. Well. I guess a year really has passed. That’s what happens when you are busy watching two ‘lil girls grow up.

Sixteen Months.

Ava, oh, Ava. The “middle sister” is full of spirit and energy, boasting a scream or “stank face” when she doesn’t get her way. She’s still biting Isla here and there, but less than she had been. Her favorite things to eat are fruits, peanut butter & jelly, and chicken. She’s walking with support (like our hand or the couch or a table), but still would much rather crawl her way around. She loves to say hi, bye, hey, thank you, Mom, Dad, Isla, Shadow, ooo, and weee; however, she is the most verbal in her babble. Don’t get in the way of her and her show, Sesame Street, either! Ava is the kiss stealer versus the kiss giver, pulling blown kisses into her sweet, pouty lips.

Copy of IMG_1789

Isla, Miss “JJ”…The baby and she knows it. She knows just how to look at us to get exactly what she wants. And she’s not afraid to walk or talk her way into whatever that may be (I think this was a mom-brain thing, not sharing that she’s been walking for over a month and a half…). She LOVES books because they are tasty (?) and carrying her fabric fish tank as a purse (like mommy). Unlike Ava, she prefers eating her carbs more than anything else. She’s talkative, too, but more defined words in addition like no, night night, uh oh, doggy, and VaVa (Ava). Isla is our dancer – just give her a beat and she’s off her seat and moving. Oh, and she loves to give kisses! Climbing….oh my. This girl is a climber with very few fears…

Copy of IMG_1796

At their last appointment, the girls finally made it on the charts for their age, measuring around the 8th percentile. They’re both over 18 pounds and wearing 12-month clothes (though Isla doesn’t fill out pants all that great unless she’s wearing her cloth diaper).

While it’s hard to believe, happy sixteen month birthday, baby girls! xoxo

Copy of IMG_1812

Transformation Tuesday: The Zoo

When we realized that there was a photo of Greg and Arianna from July 2, 2010 that looked exactly like what a photo of Greg and Isla would look like, we decided to go to the zoo and grab another photo.


One, hasn’t Arianna grown up so (way too) much?

Two, I think that Isla and Arianna are the twins, just six and a half years apart, right?

Three, don’t we all wish we could age like Greg?