Parenting is Tough Stuff

Sometimes parenting is tough stuff.

There’s achy bellies you can’t cure, or sleepless nights followed by endless days. Teething and milestones tire babe and parent. First birthday parties planned to perfection and 1000s of photos capturing every face from ZOMG MY WORLD WILL END UNLESS YOU FEED/CHANGE/HOLD ME to ooooo mama me love youuuu.

They start biting, pinching, and kicking, not realizing it hurts. Obsessions with a belove stuffie lead to meltdowns if they don’t have it NOW. Favorite books must be read every night before bed or screaming commences promptly 8.2 seconds after you’ve settled into the couch with a good book and bowl of (forbidden) ice cream.

Bedtimes get later, and wake times get earlier. Four people (rarely) and a dog fall asleep in a bed for two. Date nights involve a trip to Babies R Us to get nursing pads and burp cloths while 2 tagalongs point out toys and ugly, plain blankies at every turn.

Running to the grocery store no longer takes 2 minutes because you’re not just getting milk, bananas, and bread on emergency trips. Those trips now cost $50 instead of $9. You have to consider not one other opinion but three. A teensy bit of precious pumped milk spilling IS the end of the world.

One talks non-stop from wake to sleep (and probably even then too) and is rubbing off on the younger. Ducky is an easy word to say, but forget Mama (that’ll come). Dadda Dadda is every 8th word (always preceded/preceeding WHY?).

Choosing diaper brands, bottle types, hospitals, doctors, schools, educational toys, vacations, discipline styles, time out spots, laundry detergents, and 2nd food flavors lead to mama meltdowns. Daddies handle scraped knees, ghost boo boos, empty plates, multiple juice boxes, and diaper sprayer installations.

Sometimes, parenting is tough stuff.

I think Mr. Burgher and I both would give anything to keep these kids in a timestop bubble, young and safe, even considering all this tough stuff. You kiddos keep us on our toes and make every second of every day worth the T’s and D’s. I promise one day we’ll look back and laugh as we watch your kiddos do this to you. On second thought, we should just laugh it off now.