Travelers Rest

We all know how much I appreciate good Christian fiction, and there are bonus points if that fiction is set in the south. Lucky me, Ann Tatlock recently wrote a book called Travelers Rest (published by Bethany House Publishers).

The story is set in Asheville, North Carolina where Jane Morrow is holding vigil by her war veteran fiance’s hospital bedside. Seth Ballantine was injured in duty while serving in Iraq with the National Guard. His spinal injury has put a halt on their wedding, and in many ways, life. Jane struggles with understanding why Seth wouldn’t want to go on trying to continue toward their dreams, and along the way, she meets several people who help her go through the process of coming to grips with Seth’s paralysis.

Jon-Paul, a lawyer who plays the piano in the hospital lobby during his lunch hour, teams up with Seth to organize a chess tournament for the vets in the spinal cord unit. He and Jane develop a friendship over the piano as he plays Clair de Lune, a song that stirs up her past.

Truman, a retired doctor, shares chocolate milk with Jane when things get tough. He is there by her side when Seth turns for the worst, developing pneumonia. They have a connection that runs deeper than Seth, a story that began in the lynching era, a connection between the two that was closer than they could imagine.

This story had me laughing, crying, craving some southern summer time, and seeing the blessings throughout. If you need a good read, I highly recommend you grab Travelers Rest (and a box of tissues) and enjoy this one.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers and was asked to share a review with my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.