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Separation Anxiety

My body is miles above Earth en route to Chicago, but my heart is off with a ‘lil boy who is probably playing the Kindle and not even thinking about his mama. Separation Anxiety is brutal for balancing mamas.

The day began bright and early when I woke to work. I was alone for all but the last 45 minutes, the rest of the house silent. It kept me busy, not thinking about the fact that I would soon be going away from my kids and husband, but as soon as ‘lil Man woke up, all bets were off. My heart got heavy, and I started wondering if I was doing the right thing. keep reading

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Taking Time


When traffic, construction, and God have other plans, you make the best of it. You enjoy the scenery, rock laiden mountains, West Virginia wildflowers, gaping vallies created by rivers.

And you get photo bombed by your other two favorites.

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Take a Picture. It lasts longer.

Just love when you are in an airport and get stared at for letting your kids be kids. Thanks, fellow traveler. Hope your pictures of us being parents bring you some relief to your miserable world.

Kids, thanks for being you and for being troopers while we wait for our plane to get fixed. The pictures we are enjoying from vacation will make our memories last forever! keep reading

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Traveling with Money

Remember last week when I told you about how we are oh so close to getting our money into a good place? Well, one of the disadvantages of having a credit history like ours is that you don’t always have cards to use when you need them–like when you travel. keep reading

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Hold Me Close

Anytime Mr. Burgher or I travel apart from one another, we suffer terribly from the “I Miss You”s. Funny thing is, the first five months of our relationship (and two of the engagement), we lived 617 miles apart. We would travel once a month to be together until he was able to move to PA. keep reading

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