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Failure (a Bad Morning)

This was a bad morning in the world of the ladies of ‘lil Burghers. It got real and fast. I go back and forth about sharing, but I need people to understand that being a mom, being a parent, is not always easy or pretty.

You see, Greg and I have a man cold. I’m calling it man cold because I have never felt this way before and am a miserable person. Yet, because I am a woman, a working mom, I shower, dry my hair so it looks half decent (okay, it looked pretty darn good for me today), and pull on my big girl panties and go to work. Greg’s “lucky”, ha. Not really. He has to deal with being all out sick and having to play 2,000 questions all day and keep ‘lil Man from biting his big sister’s back (true story, happened on Monday night and I have no idea how one ‘lil mouth gets on someone’s flat back…but I am straying off course here). keep reading