First Tooth Lost


Remember yesterday when I was all “it can’t get any more real”? Well it does! Arianna lost her first tooth (and Ava is still toothless). The award for the first tooth lost goes to our oldest!

How did it happen? The tooth has been wiggling for about a month. She proudly pulled it at the urging of her friends during flex time in at school yesterday.

Where did she put the tooth? In an envelope from her teacher then in a Boyd’s Bears Tooth Fairy bear that Aunt Wink gave her (at my baby shower almost 8 years ago!). The bear went to bed beside her.

What did she get? A note with glitter (aka mom’s Younique eyeshadow because she can’t find her embosser) and a quarter. We have four kids, so 80 teeth (or so) would be kinda ‘spensive.

Yay to the first tooth lost, Arianna! Our girlie is growing up way too fast.

When did YOU lose your first tooth? How? Comment below, or share your cute kiddo story.