Book Review: Tempted, Tested, True

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Tempted, Tested, True in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Life sure does throw us some interesting challenges, doesn’t it? Many of these challenges are temptations. For me, the temptation has always been two major things – spending money (although I am seriously frugal) and worrying too much about what everyone else thinks (I see that as a temptation to conform to society). These temptations can rob our souls of the things that God has in store for us, as is discussed in Arnie Cole and Michael Ross’ book Tempted, Tested, True. 

Tempted Tested True
Source: Bethany House

I chose to review this book because I know that temptations can run us down. Having that knowledge, I wanted to learn more about ways to overcome these challenges and lead a life that’s full and true. The book used real-life stories to provide a process to overcome temptations; however, upon reading the contents, I wasn’t sure my temptations would be covered. Once I took to reading the book, there were several lessons I could learn from each chapter, including the one about struggles that men face).

Admittedly, the book was not the easiest read for me, but it does break the temptations and process down into sections. It would definitely be a good choice if you had a group that wanted to study overcoming temptations as there are sections for discussion and personal reflection. There are even online resources at, including an 8-week devotional.

Each chapter investigates a temptation (or set of temptations) that the authors researched and applied biblical lessons to. If alcohol, gossip, anxiety, or even the past has a hold of you, there’s an answer to discover in this book. In the appendix, you’ll even find a chart to jot down times you are tempted or when your spirit is interrupted. While the answer you are searching for may not be immediate, I think this book will start you on the right path.

I think I may re-visit the book a little further in my faith journey, perhaps with other followers, and truly get to the messages God wants me to hear regarding overcoming temptation.


Tempted, Tested, True is published by Bethany House and retails for $14.99.