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Phone Tips for Conferences

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my phone lately, and I am about to attend several blog conferences (a place where I am going to rely on my phone to keep me from missing out!). It hasn’t been holding battery and is barely connecting to my home WiFi, so I’m using tons of data when I really need it for my trip. The plan is to follow these phone tips for conferences that I’m about to give you. Stay tuned on social media to see how it’s going. keep reading

Tech Tuesday: Give Me a Break

Usually on Tuesdays I have been featuring technology that has made our lives easier. This week, my Tech Tuesday piece is inspired by the ways technology has beat me this week.

* My Outlook 2010 is the lifeblood of my work day. In the last seven days, it has crashed a good 20 times. Once, it even deleted 7 emails in my Outbox, including one that took me 45 minutes and multiple saves to write. Any associated emails (replies) were also deleted in the loss. My .ost file became corrupt yesterday. And before you say, sounds like you need to call IT, I work for IT, in the Help Desk, in fact. Outlook and I are just in a rough patch. keep reading

Tech Tuesday: How Do You Stay Organized?

Today’s Tech Tuesday post is inspired by a question a fellow Pittsburgh Blogger posted on our Facebook group. I invite you to share your tips here, too! How Do You Stay Organized?

Yesterday, I filled in a calendar for our family. Pink for me, orange for Greg, purple for Arianna, bright green for Evan, and teal for family activities. We’ve tried various ways to stay organized, but since we (Greg and I) do not have the same organizational habits, it’s tough to expect technology to always come through. I am sure I am not alone in having a paper calendar, right? keep reading