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Teacher Envy

This time of year, I have some serious teacher envy. I am on the “We don’t pay our teachers enough for what they do” bandwagon, so don’t think that this is about having time off at the holiday. I get off half a day on Christmas Eve, all day Christmas and January 1, plus a 2 hour “early dismissal” on New Years’ Eve. It’s my choice to go in to work in a quiet office where people are not responding to the things you are working on (until they come back happy and full from a fresh start to the year). It’s about the creativity and witnessing the wonder in the children. keep reading

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Take Time to #ThankATeacher

Because of teachers, we have dreams.

We know how to read, we know how to write our names.

We learned how to get along with others.

We learned right and wrong.

Today, I want to thank everyone who is a teacher, including ‘lil Miss A’s awesome teacher, Mrs. T. Your work does not go unnoticed, and I am thankful. keep reading

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