Perfect Pittsburgh Sunday – Steelers Bye Week Edition

Sunday afternoons in Pittsburgh come autumn time are dominated by watching and cheering on dem Stillers. This usually equates to a day full of fun, but special circumstances such as bye weeks and truly horrendous seasons call for other enjoyable activities to keep us all entertained. Check out my post below for some suggestions about what to do to make your fall Sunday perfect, then follow the links to see what a bunch of other awesome Pittsburgh bloggers recommend!

Sure, it would be easy to completely cop out of the perfect Pittsburgh Sunday by telling yinz’all to do what I did and vacation for Steelers Bye Week, wouldn’t it? Since that’s no fun, I’d like to share with you the fun fall things that my family and I would do if we were, in fact, in town for this upcoming Steelers Bye Week.

First, we’d sleep in. This isn’t abnormal on a Sunday, it’s usually the one day we actually can. I may sneak out the iPad to catch up on other bloggers’ work or push through weekend e-mail.

We’d wake whenever I can no longer sneak past Arianna’s room to use the bathroom, likely by 10:30. The kids and I would make the perfect Dippy Eggs (for them) and omelettes (for me). Heck, we might even whip up a batch of Burgh Baby’s Lucky Biscuits for fun (since we don’t need the luck on a bye week).

After convincing Greg to get out of bed, it would be the perfect day to head down to the Aviary (since the North Shore will be nice and peaceful without tailgaters). Since the Rhinoceros Hornbill exhibit it being renovated, we wouldn’t spend all day there, perhaps just an hour or two.

Lunch would be from the kids’ favorite Pittsburgh eatery, Eat n’ Park, complete with Smiley Face Cookies. (Okay, that might sound like a cop out, but it’s one of their favorites, making it our perfect day.)

For the rest of the afternoon, we may enjoy time at Deer Lakes Park through nap time.

Nap time means time for Greg and I to enjoy catching up on the other games around the league (or our fantasy teams) while lounging on the couch. (If you’re looking for some “must do” Burgh things, sorry, this isn’t one.)

The evening would include a run around a track at the school near us, grocery shopping for the week (in a calm store because no one else is getting last minute items), and snuggling up to read some good children’s books.

Our Sundays are usually fairly calm, but do include some fun Pittsburgh things. If you’re interested, check out Alex’s website to see more fun from other bloggers to prepare you to enjoy this Steelers Bye Week!

A (sort of) Super Sunday


Today, Super Bowl Sunday, was a bit confusing for our ‘lil Burghers. Neither ‘lil Miss A or ‘lil Man understand why our Steelers aren’t in the Super Bowl. Kids, we know it is confusing, but don’t hate us for saying it just wasn’t our year. You’ll understand one day. For now, celebrate for Uncle Rob’s Giants, ok?


In other news, today was a good, lazy day. Mr. Burgher, ‘lil Man,  and I slept in a bit (A was off enjoying a weekend with Pappy and Grammie, the ‘lil suck up!). When we woke, I got my lunch packed for tomorrow and we worked on organizing the kitchen. Before we knew it, it was time to whip up some cinnamon rolls and Buffalo Chicken Dip and get to our family Valentine’s Day gathering. (Blog fodder for another day this week!)

About halfway through the event, I got incredibly tired. We stayed up until almost 4 working on our cards, so I wanted to nap. Luckily, the kids and Mr. Burgher agreed, so we came home to nap in the early evening (perhaps a mistake) and then caught up with the Super Bowl. This is what confused the kids…why are we awake and not watching our Steelers? Both are snoozing away again (we have really good sleepers) and us adults are about to join in the Zzzz’s. (We’ll be off dreaming about the day we can afford the Acura NSX.

How did you spend this Super Sunday?

Loyal Fans

I am opening up a whole can of worms here, but forgive me. You see, our house has suffered several big losses this week when it comes to our sports teams, especially for the Clemson Tigers and Pittsburgh Steelers. It has not been easy to swallow, and it sure as heck would be easy to jump on some bandwagon now through the playoffs, but it is not going to happen.

You see, we are loyal fans who love our teams and players regardless. There were mistakes, bad calls, injuries, good plays by the other teams. But we are teaching our children the right way to be a fan–to be loyal regardless of the outcome. It is good sportsmanship, right? We will hold our heads high (even though August is so far away) and stay dedicated to the Black and Gold, Orange and Purple.

We don’t jump ship when the going gets tough. We don’t run to another team when ours is out. We were born loyal and will die loyal. Let our haters be our motivators, cause haters gonna hate.


Forever Fans

Totes and Team Members in Action!

Yesterday, I did something, well, beyond awesome. I mingled with a few of my favorite team‘s players (Starks, Batch, and Essex) while we helped the Food Bank and Max pass out turkey and fixings to a little over 250 families. This was truly a blessing–it feels so good to give back and do good at any time of the year, but especially around holidays.

The thing that excited me most is that when my co-workers emptied the truck, I recognized some of the tote bags from The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project. You know how much that made my day because of my love for helping them out. Well…I wanted to do a nice write up here on the blog, but I think I’d rather send you over to the Tote Bag Project’s blog about the night–feel good stuff! Please take a visit and read!

Thank you Max, Charlie, and Trey for giving back to our community. You seriously made my Thanksgiving.

Mrs Burgher

Where’s the Flag?

Every Sunday in the fall, our family snuggles on the couch and watches the Pittsburgh Steelers game. Today is no exception.

A ‘lil bit ago, Mr. Burgher got upset about the lack of a flag for a hold against Mike Wallace. He was yelling, “Where’s the flag? Awwwww, c’mon! Where’s the flag?”.

‘lil Miss A notices something on the TV and yells, “There’s the flag, Daddy!” I couldn’t help but laugh (as much as I love my husband, Mike Wallace, and the Steelers). You probably will, too.

“There’s the flag!”

(She was right!)

Couponing Magic Sneak Peek #StuffABus

Recently, Mr. Burgher hit up an amazing deal that has left our kitchen table full of various fruit cups and pineapple cans (most of which is for the Food Bank) and a handful of “Black and Gold Bucks”. We all have jerseys and plenty of Steelers stuff, but we didn’t want them to go to waste.

So, this afternoon, we turned some of these…

Into this magic for this year’s 96.1 Kiss FM Stuff a Bus benefit for the Marines’ Toys for Tots (please ignore my messy desk!):

When we added these toys to the growing box we’ve been collecting the past few weeks, tears came to my eyes. ‘lil Miss A asked who they were for and when would we be able to go out and give it to them. It breaks my heart to think that there are kids out there who will not have a portion of what ours will, so every little thing we can do to make some magic happen, we will.

PS–Mikey and Bob, if you are reading this, ‘lil Miss A demands that she has to see you again. She met you last year on the bus and her world will crash if she doesn’t get to see you this year. How could you melt this one’s heart?

If you are willing to help out with Stuff a Bus 2011, consider giving a new, unwrapped toy for the event. Collections will be from November 28 to December 2 at 10:00 AM in Monroeville. @FSMikey and @FSBigBob of the Morning Freak Show will be leaving out there for the week and sure could use us ‘Burghers to fill 25 buses this year. Can’t get out there? Donate at your local Walgreen’s or have us deliver for you–can we Stuff a Durango???? Read more about their awesome 21 buses filled last year, here.