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Perfect Pittsburgh Sunday – Steelers Bye Week Edition

Sunday afternoons in Pittsburgh come autumn time are dominated by watching and cheering on dem Stillers. This usually equates to a day full of fun, but special circumstances such as bye weeks and truly horrendous seasons call for other enjoyable activities to keep us all entertained. Check out my post below for some suggestions about what to do to make your fall Sunday perfect, then follow the links to see what a bunch of other awesome Pittsburgh bloggers recommend! keep reading

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A (sort of) Super Sunday


Today, Super Bowl Sunday, was a bit confusing for our ‘lil Burghers. Neither ‘lil Miss A or ‘lil Man understand why our Steelers aren’t in the Super Bowl. Kids, we know it is confusing, but don’t hate us for saying it just wasn’t our year. You’ll understand one day. For now, celebrate for Uncle Rob’s Giants, ok? keep reading

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Loyal Fans

I am opening up a whole can of worms here, but forgive me. You see, our house has suffered several big losses this week when it comes to our sports teams, especially for the Clemson Tigers and Pittsburgh Steelers. It has not been easy to swallow, and it sure as heck would be easy to jump on some bandwagon now through the playoffs, but it is not going to happen. keep reading

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TV is on.

7, 17, 43, and 83 are represented.

“Yeah, boy!”

Towels are waving.

Bubba greets those who pass by.

“Aw, C’mon!”

Yawns don’t matter tonight.

Go, Steelers!

How are you showing your loyalty tonight?

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Totes and Team Members in Action!

Yesterday, I did something, well, beyond awesome. I mingled with a few of my favorite team‘s players (Starks, Batch, and Essex) while we helped the Food Bank and Max pass out turkey and fixings to a little over 250 families. This was truly a blessing–it feels so good to give back and do good at any time of the year, but especially around holidays. keep reading

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Where’s the Flag?

Every Sunday in the fall, our family snuggles on the couch and watches the Pittsburgh Steelers game. Today is no exception.

A ‘lil bit ago, Mr. Burgher got upset about the lack of a flag for a hold against Mike Wallace. He was yelling, “Where’s the flag? Awwwww, c’mon! Where’s the flag?”. keep reading

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Couponing Magic Sneak Peek #StuffABus

Recently, Mr. Burgher hit up an amazing deal that has left our kitchen table full of various fruit cups and pineapple cans (most of which is for the Food Bank) and a handful of “Black and Gold Bucks”. We all have jerseys and plenty of Steelers stuff, but we didn’t want them to go to waste. keep reading

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A Day to Celebrate

Today has been an excellent day for our ‘lil family. It was ‘Lil Girl’s 3rd Birthday Party, and she demanded a Steelers party. Sadly, the game didn’t go so well and there was rain, but we all made the best of it and had a fun day with family and friends. Here’s to more days like this! Love you, ‘Lil Girl! xoxo keep reading

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It Runs in the Family


Last Saturday, not even food could keep our ‘Lil Burghers from watching the game. Go figure.

Two weeks ’til the season officially begins!

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