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A Working Mom: Staying Home

What you are about to read may just spark some Mommy Wars conversation. Don’t worry, I am armed with medicine, good coffee, and am ready to bring it on. Because I am in the midst of an internal Mommy Wars conversation with my angel and devil (not the kids! the conscious on my shoulders) about the right balance. And fair warning, I haven’t had my workout today, so the good mojo may not be within. keep reading

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Stay at Home Family: The Pets

I really don’t know how traditional families with dogs do it. The past two days, I’ve felt so guilty leaving our dogs home alone while off to work I went. Coming home to them was a treat, they jumped and ran much more than I’ve ever seen them do. keep reading

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Stay at Home Family: The Joys

Being a stay at home family usually has a lot more positives than negatives. Sometimes it is hard to remember that. Here are the things that we love about being a stay at home family.


I have no idea what the going rate for daycare is these days, but when Arianna was a baby, it was $600 per month. On a teacher’s salary, that plus rent and a car pretty much did my budget in. Two kids at $600 and then balancing schedules? It’s worth every penny saved. keep reading

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