Harvest Festival

The weekend before we went away on vacation, we were pretty busy folks. First, there was dinner as usual at my Grandma’s followed by whines of, “I want to go home with Grammie and Pappy!”. Saturday morning, ‘lil Miss A got to go to a pumpkin patch while the rest of us ‘lil Burghers were busy at the Heart Walk and being good citizens. Then, it was off to my parents’ house to spend some time with my dad’s side of the family and attend a local Harvest Festival put on by a church.

The kids dressed as Princess Leia and an Ewok (and Princess Leia enjoyed some pre-festival snacks…).

The Ewok enjoyed the little walk through town in the glorious fall sun.

When we got there, they took pictures of the kids for the costume contest (which the kids won 2nd and 3rd place in their age division along with an adorable watermelon). Then, fun and games commenced. We tried to get ‘lil Miss A to jump in the bounce house, but she wasn’t having it. She wanted to paint a pumpkin instead. Because paint and white costumes mix oh so well…

Then she got to play some games.

The little kid games gave out ring pops and stuffed animals as prizes; but she got to turn in tickets earned from the big kid games (like darts and ring toss) and get her first ever orange soda.

(Such a lady!)

‘Lil Man was pretty content just hanging out, looking cool, and making eyes at the ladies. He knows the deal.

After the contest winners were announced, we left for dinner…but not before ‘lil Miss A conned the dart game attendant into giving her two Christmas themed balloons (which she discovered made colored shadows in the sun and tickled her so).

Their pumpkins turned out pretty cool, and have lasted almost two weeks now. These were the ones we used to decorate our house while the bigger ones…well…you’ll just have to see what happened with them.

How have you celebrated fall?