He’s in Her Pocket

Kansas Trip 2012

This looks to me like the moment A and Uncle By bonded

While shopping last night, A brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes the kid really creeps me out because she remembers things in such fine detail  and has made some “vision” statements that show me she’s got a gift, so I was a bit nervous about the things she was talking about tonight. However, I want to share them because they are too precious to push aside. If you are family, you might want to pull the Kleenex a ‘lil closer for this one.

+ + +

I made a daring move while in the Target dressing room. With a 6 item limit and 12 items to try on, I was stumped as to how on earth I was going to manage carrying a sorta sleepy ‘lil Man (and his Baby) back to the cart only to “oh, gotcha!” drag him back to the fitting room for 6 more items. It was pretty quiet in the store, given the time of night, and there were security cameras all over the fitting room exit. I gave A instructions to lock the door behind me, gave her a code word that I’d use to have her unlock it, and I dashed with ninja speed to drop my no’s, cart my yes’es and maybe’s and grab the 6 remaining goods.

Luckily, no one else was in the fitting room and the associate had my back. I also didn’t need the code word because A was “tap dancing” so hard I could see glitter coming off her new shoes  I simply had to ask, “What in the world are you doing in there?” and she knew it was me. Mama tone does that to a ‘lil one, you know?

“I am dancing for Uncle By. He’s in here watching me and ‘lil Man while you went to get your clothes.” I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart raced. “Mama, he had a boo boo, but he needed to see me, so now it’s all ok. He’s going to stay here and sit with me for a few minutes, I can put him in my pocket when we get up.” I grabbed my phone–no voice mails, no texts. A quick look at Facebook told me everything must be ok.

“Did Jesus come talk to you, too, or what?” I asked.

“No, Uncle By is fine, he just comes to visit me ’cause I love him so much,” she replied.

Well, that explained it, I guess. I asked if it was ok for me to dress, and she told me he was gone now that I was back and to proceed as planned.

Later, as I organized our drive-thru dinner for the ride home, she informed me he was back, sitting in the (empty) front seat to make sure I drove her home ok since it was dark and people don’t know how to drive around there. Well, then. (How does one drive home after she talks like that? Say a prayer for angels, cut the music up, and be extra cautious.)

As you can tell, nothing happened to us on our way home, and apparently Uncle By trusted my driving enough to go back to Kansas somewhere along the drive home. I love that A has made such a strong bond in such a short time and made Uncle By one of her “imaginary” friends. It’s precious, and a comfort that this kid is going to handle some tough stuff that is bound to come her way with aging family in a very grown-up way. Hopefully, others can find her love a strength, too.