On Confidence and Running with It (#BHBC #spon)

This past week, I read a book that made me a little uncomfortable in my own skin. “Sophie Morgan”, the pseudonym for a British journalist, wrote Diary of a Submissive, a real life romance about exactly what you think it’s about. Warning, I can’t imagine letting my daughter read this book, nor is it one that I would share with my mom or grandma, so feel free to stop reading here if “Shades of” stories make you squirm.

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Diary of a Submissive is Sophie’s journey into erotic relationships, and the book gets a bit deeper than your traditional softcover romance novel. She holds back no bars, and shares intimate details of her life (hence the pseudonym!). Her relationships with men evolve throughout the book, and she takes readers on a journey from where it all began (buying a racy novel at age 14) to her present day D/s experiences (which left me hanging–I’m not really sure who she ends up with!).

Parts of the book do make you wonder what makes Sophie stay in relationships like she does. Personally, the present me would never let a man treat me like that (due to things the past me has gone through). While the book made me a bit squirmy, I also have to say I couldn’t put it down. I prefer to keep the secrets of my bedroom right where they belong, but Sophie airs out all her dirty laundry. She has confidence in what she writes and runs with it. Although she is submitting to her lovers, Sophie is not uncomfortable with who she is. This memoir is a testimony to that.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.