Sister’s Day 2015

This year Sister’s Day also happens to be Ava and Isla’s 4 month birthday.


Not too much has changed since they turned three months, except maybe more smiles and laughs, some more rolling over, and the knowledge of each other.

Yup, in time for Sister’s Day, the twins realized the other baby isn’t a mirror or a playdate. She’s her sister. Ava, especially, has a thing for wanting to love on Isla and “talk” to her. I hope this never changes.

I wasn’t blessed with a blood sister, but am pretty glad my kids have their sisters. The sisters given to me by marriage and choice are pretty awesome, but there has to be something nice about growing up with a sister. While not all siblings I know get along as adults, it still won’t change that bond.

Girls, happy 4 months and Sister’s Day!