Superheroes Needed

It is rare that I let myself rest, but sometimes that just needs done.

When you are a parent, it is really hard to truly relax. There is always something. Dust, food prep, a dirty bathtub (how I wish mine was bath ready tonight), plans, DVR. Something.

But tonight, that something has been me in bed then on the couch trying to sweat out the mess I have been since Christmas.

The kids and Greg have proclaimed there is a hot emergency in our house and brought some superheroes to save the day.


Likely…I will be right here tomorrow, too…If only I can convince myself that it is the right thing to do.

2014 Mulligan, Please?

Bonus points for anyone who realized the post was originally published as “2013 Mulligan, Please?” That was a good year, and I don’t want to erase it…

About a week before Christmas, I started to feel “THE SICK” coming on. Greg had been sick for a week before that. By Christmas day, I was in need of a breathing treatment and antibiotics (but waited until the day after because who wants to be at the clinic on Christmas?). The next day, we headed to Myrtle Beach and the sick never went away.

For Arianna, it was either a virus or a reaction to food – that girl bounces back too fast.

For Evan, he’s been fairly lucky and just had a sniffle here, sniffle there.

For me, it was a cold that messed the crap out of my asthma and kept me from working out since Christmas Eve (although I logged my 2nd fastest mile ever, 10:16 on Sunday). I’ve had a horrible cough, headache, and chills pretty much non-stop since December 20th or so. Not so fun.

For Greg, he had the cold, a lingering cough, and now THIS. He woke this morning to 101 degree fever, nausea, and the worlds worst sounding vomit (NEVER SMOKE, PEOPLE, you’ll thank me when you get sick). Sorry to be so blunt, but it was awful. I got things settled for the day, he dropped Arianna at school and went straight to the clinic. Flu swab? Negative. Chest XRay? Pnuemonia.

2014-you’ve been not so fun. Can we get a mulligan?


If you don’t hear from me on this here blog for a few days, forgive me.



Today was a cozy day. I believe ‘lil Man and I caught a virus. (I had a flu shot, he didn’t.)

After a very rough night of sleep for me, I woke to workout. When trying to roll out of bed, I could hear my heart beating in my head. Besides waking to get some toast and a banana, I was in bed until 5:30 and spent the evening on the couch.
Luckily,  I found some cozy accessories to accompany me and feel a bit better.  No more cold chills or headache, I will take that.

Tomorrow,  no more excuses. It is back to the workout grind (how much is Biggest Loser inspiring YOU?). Thos crud has been given an eviction notoce. As of tomorrow, I have 3 months to drop 24 pounds and meet me-100# goal by the day I turn 30.

I’ve got this.

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 12: Rest

Hello, internet world. I have been pretty quiet for the past two days, and for good reason. I’ve been getting lots of rest, and for that, I am so thankful.

You see, on Friday, I took a dizzy spell that was way different from the vertigo I occasionally get. Turned out, I have a double ear infection. Saturday, I sort of outdid myself. Greg had dental work in the morning. We taught a coupon class. We went to a friend’s candle party. We visited a new grocery store. We stopped in at our neighbor’s 50th birthday party. We called the kids to say good night. I went to bed, exhausted, by 11:00 PM.

With the exception of visiting the bathroom and switching between Ari’s bed (near the bathroom) and my own bed, I was in bed for 35 hours, finally getting out this morning at 10 AM. I ate my first food then, too. In 35 hours, I’ve drank 1 1/2 bottles of Powerade and that’s all I could hold down. (I normally drink 125 ounces of water at work alone, so you know something’s up.) Apparently, I’m either reacting to my antibiotic or caught a virus on top of my sinus infection turned ear infection. So glad I got a flu shot, huh?

Today, I was still feeling dizzy, hot/cold spells (fighting an off and on 102 degree fever is, a headache, and my stomach muscles are in a lot of pain. Dehydration is probably where I am at, but I’ve been working on forcing liquids today. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to my jolly self after all this rest. ‘lil Man acts scared of me (who wouldn’t, though? I look all haggard with puke-crusted hair and a cold cloth to my head) and Arianna tries to be my nurse but doesn’t understand why I can’t help her clean her toy room.

In addition, I’ve met passed my third big goal, but I am not logging it on Lose It until next week if I hold it off–right now I am blaming the sickness.

For those of you who’ve known I’ve been under the weather and have been thinking of me (and Greg, he’s such a trooper!), thank you. I promise to be back to my good ‘ol self soon.


This post is part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

Of Goldfish, Head Sweat, and Spinning Chairs

A pain in my stomach has me crumpled on the couch after trying to work a 9.5 hour day. My head is throbbing and the world is spinning a little. So much is going on, and all I can do is sigh.

The padding of two liitle pudgy feet greets me at the fridge. “Crackers!” He must want the goldfish I am putting in my soup. “Fishhhhh!” Yup, that will help the screams.

I eat my soup and the pain in my stomach worsens. A late evening nap? A wants to join. She stuffs her face in my neck and is sleeping within seconds. Her hair quickly gets sweaty and soaks my cheek, too.

Giggles fly past my ear and I open my eyes just in time to see Greg’s glasses squeezed in tiny fists. “No!” His least favorite word causes him to throw them to the floor, right into the paws of a sunglass chewing dog or accomplice. To put down the snoozing kid or pray the dog doesn’t chew?

It’s too late to worry, the shower shuts off. “lil MAN!!!!” Drop the kid, get the glasses. Realize the nap will not happen. Save glasses, and GO.

Screams, tears, a tantrum. A confused girl. A mad Daddy. Glasses spared.

I collapse with the crying ‘lil Man on the other couch. I hear shaking, the girl has escaped her spot and is spinning a plastic chair in the kitchen.

Who knew so much could happen in 4 minutes. Four minutes. All this sick mama wanted was a 7:00 nap. Is It bedtime yet?


Can aloe heal everything? Ever try it on a crying baby or an aching tummy? No? I guess this is just going to heal with time. Sigh.