SoulKix Custom Shoes

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It’s no secret that Greg and I like our shoes. Recently, our shoe game was upped big time. Our “secret” would be custom shoes from SoulKix. We both ordered pairs that spoke to our passions and have made for plenty of conversation starters.

soulkix logo

First up, Greg customized a pair of SoulKix with his favorite collegiate team, the Clemson Tigers. An uploaded logo, some previews, and boom!

clemson soulkix

They’ve been a great addition to his Clemson game day wardrobe and have taken to the top of his shoe collection. (wink)


I decided that since I needed comfy shoes for Dreamforce, I’d customize mine for the event with the Salesforce logo. (I’ll also be able to wear them to work, but they got broken in while stepping all over Sam Francisco last week.) Evan was pretty excited how “Sales + force = Salesforce” – my lil’ reader!

salesforce soulkix

The number of comments I got on them and people I was able to tell about this custom shoe brand was incredible. We’re in an “about me” society, so the concept of  personalizing everything is huge. With SoulKix, you take your creativity, put it on the shoe canvas, and SoulKix prints it. It’s really that simple.


While I’m super in love with my conversation starters, I’m even more in love with how comfortable they are. The foot bed is incredibly comfortable and has molded well to our feet. I didn’t blister on my heels even after a week of walking almost 20,000 steps a day. They’re THAT comfy.

About SoulKix:

  • Our shoes come in a bag that has been made of recycled materials and can be reused for almost anything which is why we say Think Outside The Shoebox.
  • For every pair of SoulKix purchased, we donate the equivalent to a pair of shoes to our partners Soles4Souls. They then provide shoes to those in parts of the world that are less fortunate.
  • We have over 500 celebrities, athletes, musicians and actors wearing SoulKix.

We’ve already inspired a pair of custom Kix, and have some ideas of shoes for Ari and Evan. What would YOU get on your SoulKix?


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Evan and His Shoes

Oh, Evan and his shoes. Somehow, the boy has grown out of shoes overnight. Like from a size 11 to needing a size 13 all of the sudden.

And of course, none of the shoes we have in the house were his size except for his soccer cleats.

And of course, none of the shoes at the store were going to be just right, either.

Take, for instance, the shoes mama brought home from the store because she knew she couldn’t manage a trip to the store with the boy with the style that he can’t explain.

The shoes that he didn’t even see before he proclaimed he didn’t like them, they were weird. The shoes that you all told him you liked, many of you sending notes and messages and even a video to tell him how awesome he is {in his shoes}.


Evan and his shoes have had a few days together. Maybe they’re growing on him. Maybe.

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 15: Shoes

Our family is quite obsessed with shoes (have you seen the cute ones the kids have on over there in the sidebar?). ‘lil Man owns the least, but even he has over ten pairs.


The first weekend I spent visiting Greg during our long-distance relationship, I swear to you he brought 6 different pairs of shoes and then we had to go back to his house to get another pair. I can’t make this stuff up.


When you walk in the door, there is a basket that holds the adult shoes. Under the bannister is another basket holding the kids’ shoes. These are just the shoes we decide to keep downstairs. There are plenty more up in our rooms.


Today, we are thankful for shoes that keep our feet warm and dry, especially on winter days.


I might not be living my life surrounded by shoes ala Carrie in Sex and the City, but I sure am living a happy life surrounded by my kids, my husband, and all their shoes. 😉




Not everyone is lucky to have shoes. I just learned that my workplace is doing a drive for, a charity dedicated to collecting and distributing shoes for children in need. They are asking for shoes that kids can wear outside and run and play in. This weekend, I’ll be taking the kids to help me pick out some shoes for this drive. If you’re interested in helping out, comment below and we’ll arrange a meet-up by the end of the month.


This post is part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

Like Her Mama


This Lil Girl likes her shoes, and there are certain pairs for certain occasions.  She gets that from her Mama…although I miss the point and go for quantity over quality 80% of the time. Maybe one day she will have to decide between a dinner or shoes…and I am pretty certain I know what she’ll pick.