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Super Hero Cape

Tonight we were taking some photos to send over to The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project for a special video montage. Arianna asked if her tote bag was a super hero cape.

Well, let me think about that one.

If super heroes come up with amazing ideas to begin a Project that helps our neighbors carry food from the pantry to the bus to home using reusable grocery tote bags, then yes, it is a super hero cape (and has been evidenced at PodCamp!) keep reading

On Sharing

Having two kids means that there is a lot of sharing going on.

Mr. Burgher chose to share his germs with ‘lil Miss A, and she had to stay home from school yesterday. ‘lil Miss A shared her crib, playpen, carseat, and toys when ‘lil Man arrived (nothing new needed). Rowdy shares Shadow’s food. And Mama shares ‘lil Man’s food (who doesn’t love goldfish?). keep reading