Super Hero Cape

Tonight we were taking some photos to send over to The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project for a special video montage. Arianna asked if her tote bag was a super hero cape.

Well, let me think about that one.

If super heroes come up with amazing ideas to begin a Project that helps our neighbors carry food from the pantry to the bus to home using reusable grocery tote bags, then yes, it is a super hero cape (and has been evidenced at PodCamp!)

If super heroes find a way to turn one tote bag into 153 plus way more a year later and then into joining the Steering Committee of that Project, then yes, a tote bag is a Super Hero Cape.

If super heroes find ways to coupon for food pantries and share those processes with others through the Tote Bag Project, then yes, a tote bag is a Super Hero Cape. 

If super heroes are ‘lil girls and boys who give up their toy room space to hold boxes of tote bags, food, and feminine products or ‘lil boys and girls who gather toys for Stuff a Bus instead of asking for birthday presents, then yes, a tote bag is a Super Hero Cape.

Arianna, may you continue to show adults how to give and to be a super hero. Your caring heart brings tears of joy to my eyes–I am so proud of the ‘lil lady that you are. Always remember that even if you don’t have much, there is always someone else who has less than you–thank you for reminding us of this, and thank you for being a Super Hero.

On Sharing

Having two kids means that there is a lot of sharing going on.

Mr. Burgher chose to share his germs with ‘lil Miss A, and she had to stay home from school yesterday. ‘lil Miss A shared her crib, playpen, carseat, and toys when ‘lil Man arrived (nothing new needed). Rowdy shares Shadow’s food. And Mama shares ‘lil Man’s food (who doesn’t love goldfish?).

When I think about how we taught the kids to share, it has to be because we share so much with them. “One for you, one for Mama,” I say as I give ‘lil Man a goldfish. They have our my eyes, his humor. Our dinner time, our tv time, sometimes our bed. It’s all about sharing.

(Believe it or not, there were three sausage links on this plate just minutes before I took this picture!)