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Blind Cord Safety

The post below contains something extremely scary that our family has experienced first-hand. It may trigger some intense feelings. I understand if you cannot read it, but I need to share our story of something that could have left us living in a nightmare…just in case it helps another parent or caregiver. Blind Cord Safety¸ like other posts on this blog, may contain affiliate links to products but the suggestions and opinions in this post are my own. keep reading

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Carbon Monoxide Detector (and our plan)

()  I was in a dead sleep, dreaming the night away, when Greg shook me and told me I had to get up. Our carbon monoxide detector was beeping. (Didn’t we have a plan?)

PRO TIP: Before you read further, think about your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Do you have them? Are they in working order? If not, stop reading and get yourself a carbon monoxide detector then come back over here and read what happened to us.  keep reading

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Toy Safety

Source: Edgar Snyder & Associates

I’ve been busy sharing lots of toy reviews with you this holiday season, but how about safety?!?! Edgar Snyder & Associates shared this infographic with me, and I’d love you to take some time and review it.

To read more about Toy Safety and recalls, please visit Edgar Snyder’s website: http://www.edgarsnyder.com/seasonal/winter-holiday-safety/toy-safety-tips.html keep reading

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Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 9: Safety

Today, I am thankful for safety.

As I was driving in to work early to go to my alma mater to hear my company’s CEO speak, I got backed up on 28. There was a multi-vehicle accident, but it made my day off to a slower start than I’d have liked. Nonetheless, I was safe. keep reading

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