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Giving Up is Not an Option

This morning, I almost gave up. While I am still in “one-derland”, I gained a ‘lil bit of weight. A number on the scale caused me to cry.

It’s stupid, right? An inanimate object made me cry all because it had a number I didn’t like. What happened to the girl who would have given anything to have weighed 250?  keep reading

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Finding My Peace

I’ll admit, for the last 29 years I have not been so kind to myself. This year, I turn 30 and have turned over a new leaf in my quest to be healthy (and that’s not just the physical, it’s the mental, too).

Specifically, the years I spent in college and in Myrtle Beach were the harshest on my body. I entered college at  253 pounds (eek!) and “never looked back”. There were days when I would eat pizza for all three meals and did not care in the least. I had a “plateau” weight that I pretty much maintained through college then dropped a good bit of it off upon moving to Myrtle Beach, only to pack it back on during an abusive relationship (where I forgot how to love myself, since I figured I was unlovable being beat and broken). keep reading

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Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 22: Turkey Trot

Today, on the day of the year we focus most on being thankful, we have lots to be thankful for. Of course, you know that because you’ve been following these NaBloPoMo posts in which the things we are thankful for have been celebrated.

But today, most of all, I am thankful for the Turkey Trot 5k, the culmination of my efforts to run. These efforts began last July, then I gave up when it got cold. I was prompted to run again to prepare for Mud on the Mountain and then held back again with a sprained knee/pulled hamstring. I was off running from June to August and had just enough time to train for a 5k by Thanksgiving. Train I did, through a lot of reasons to quit (most recently a sinus infection turned double ear infection turned virus). But today? Today was not for quitters. keep reading

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Team Tote Bag

Greg and I have made the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project and food banks (such as the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank) as our main community organizations to support. Yesterday, we had the chance to walk in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community as Team Tote Bag, raising money for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and spreading awareness of the Tote Bag Project. Greg even got Highmark to donate a box of totes! keep reading

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Couch to 5K

You all probably read that title and laughed your cute butts off. No kidding, Mama Burgher and Mr. Burgher are turning a new leaf.

Sure, we’ve been eating healthier together and I’ve been talking lunchtime walks, but it’s not enough. I know that because I’ve been doing a “Drop 10 in 10” program through work and with one class left, I am sitting here down 14.6 pounds. You might be like, wow, that’s great, that’s normal! But to me, I’d like more. See, the thought is 10 pounds or 10% and Mama is nowhere near that. . . but Mama is happy with the results nonetheless. Something is working. keep reading

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