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Broken Hearts, Broken Toes, and Broken Records

It has been four days since the Pittsburgh Marathon and I cannot get off my runner’s high. The entire weekend was dedicated to the Marathon, so it will likely be hard to come down from this.

I mean, c’mon. Take a moment to go here and look at what this city is like during the Marathon (source: pittsburghmarathon.com). keep reading

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Moms in Training

Moms In Training

Source: https://www.facebook.com/MomsInTrainingWPA

Disclaimer: I was asked to share the information below with you. My personal connection to the fight against Cancer was enough of a reason to say yes.

If you are a busy mom (aren’t we all?) looking for a reason to run, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of Western PA and West Virginia has a program for you. The Moms in Training program is designed to give moms the training they need and help to find a cure for blood cancer at the same time. keep reading

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2013 Turkey Trot

Greg and I sure earned our turkey on Thursday. We got up on a blustery morning (it was 19 degrees when we got in the truck) and headed downtown for the 23rd Annual Pittsburgh YMCA Turkey Trot.

Did I mention it was cold? We were dressed in layers, but it still burned when the wind hit. keep reading

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Today was the Inaugural Pittsburgh EQT 10-miler, another medal for my list. Make that five! It was cold. I am not going to lie about that one bit. But that’s okay, because the run made me feel super strong. Here’s what I remember from the day… keep reading

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Tech Tuesday: Fitbit #Sponsored Review

Welcome to what I hope becomes a new feature here at ‘lil Burghers, Tech Tuesday! I’m a techie mama (my day job is in the IT Department) and I’ve been asked by some “fans” to write about how I use technology. Why not share finds with you weekly?  keep reading

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Kid Bullies

running mom

Me, post run!

It is a steamy evening in this ‘lil suburb of Pittsburgh. An evening when I needed to go home, get a workout in, and be done with another Wednesday.  But, kid bullies got inside my head and frustrated me.

First, a few weeks ago while I was training for the Half Marathon, one of the neighborhood hoodlums yelled out to me, “Way to go, Fat Runner #42!”. This irritated me a bit, but I kept on going. I wasn’t going to let some kid (who was just sitting on his porch) tell me what kind of runner or person I am. keep reading

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Why I Run

Look what I found! Thank you to UPMC for having me record this…consider it my first ever vlog (I promise to get better…but talking about Wendy still brings tears to my eyes).

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Half Marathon Emotional Dump

This post is pure emotion…a dump of my thoughts post Half Marathon. What a day!

Kids, I hope you can look back on a day and can say it was the best day of your life, even if that day changes throughout the years. Maybe right now the best day of your life was the day you were able to try real ice cream (Arianna) or the day you were able to wear Thomas unders 24/7 (Evan). But for me, that day would be yesterday, May 5, 2013. keep reading

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Three Days

One of these days, I will be back and regularly sharing stories with you. For now, I am in final countdown mode. In three days, the goal I have been training for will be met. I will have completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

I will be celebrating Genre, thanking my supporters for helping me raise money for Kids With Cancer. keep reading

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Yesterday’s bombing in Boston had us in a bit in shock. I seriously sat on the bed and cried for several minutes. Greg stared at EPSN instead of eating a juicy burger. It was my rest day, and I wanted to run (but I didn’t, I feel some guilt!). Runners everywhere have to feel the heaviness we are. When I did the Warmup on Walnut on April 6, I realized how awesome the running community is. We won’t let this get us down, but we will band together and grow stronger. Saying some extra prayers today for Boston, and runners everywhere. keep reading

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