“50 Rules for Sons”: Review and Giveaway!

This post includes a review and a giveaway. While I received a complimentary copy of the book and one to share, all opinions are my own.

While I love having a son, I have to admit—it’s not always easy for a woman to understand the things that drive a ‘lil boy to be just the way he is. I understand wanting to play in dirt, but the urge to bite and jump off the tops of couches just kind of boggles my mind. Greg is a great role model for our son, but in the back of my mind, I just have this fear about raising a son. While I can’t explain it, I just know it’s there.

Evan is just a ‘lil guy, but he can use every chance we get to pass words of wisdom (beyond “don’t bite your sister”—I really need to tell some of these stories). The lessons he learns today will definitely impact how he acts as a young man and beyond.

That’s why I am happy we are now armed with “50 Rules for Sons” a new book from Tim Hoch.  Tim wrote this book of 50 rules (in a brief format, a hit with the “140-character generation”) for his son’s high school graduation. In the book, there are 50 quips about life tied into rules for boys and men. Honestly, they are rules even women can learn from. I was really impressed by the brief rules and photos and then loved even more the back stories in the second half of the book (all Hoch’s explanations of the rules tied to events in his life).

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My favorite was “Rule 2:  Don’t let a painful past own you, but keep the scars from the past close at hand. They’re part of you.” I really need to learn from that one!

My least favorite, as a tattoo fan was rule 24 were he suggests wearing a shirt for two years and seeing if you still like it…then go for the tattoo. Honestly, Greg and I will probably sit beside the kids when they are 18 and getting a tattoo (if that’s what they want).

Evan will definitely be given this copy before he starts high school. Perhaps you know a young man in your life that could use this book…a new mom and dad of a baby boy…a high school graduate…a brother starting a new job. This would be the perfect book for any “son” of any age as they’ll surely benefit from the wisdom within. You can get a copy for $9.95 through retailers (or check out www.50rulesforsons.com) OR stick around here, leave me a comment, and I’ll select one lucky winner to receive a copy of this book!


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She’ll Try Anything

Her teen years are going to be h e double hockey sticks for a certain mama and daddy. 

This morning, she tried to convince me it would be perfectly fine to take her Victorious cell phone to school. “It will stay in my pocket, I promise,” A sighed.

“My friends bring theirs and Mrs. Tricia is ok with it,” she went on. “Oh, and can I wear my jammies to school today.”

Where is the parenting easy button?