Evan’s First Taste

On Saturday, there was a suburban Pittsburgh Mama who lost a little bit of her baby boy. A hearty nurser, Evan was showing signs of hunger–following food from our plates to our mouths, turning toward the scent of Arianna’s Cheerios, getting extremely cranky around 6 PM as the smells of our dinner floated through the house. At his Four Month Appointment the doctor verified that it was ok to start feeding him.

So, out came the Rice cereal, some milk from the stash, a bowl, and a spoon.

There was a momentary fight to loosen the fingers from the intense grip.

Here came the airplane.

In it went.

Maybe it was sour?

This wasn’t looking good.

He missed his hands.

Somehow, Daddy freed the hands again.

He tricks us, reaching for the spoon, then shoved his hands back in his mouth.

It went downhill from there.

Thank goodness his Big Sister knew just what to do.

In case you are wondering, Evan, like Ari, suffers from Eczema. He also has a habit of then rubbing his head. This often leaves him with a rash. One good thing that came of his appointment was an Rx for hydrocortizone to get it cleared up. Sounds like we’ll be having another shower kid on our hands soon!